10 Church Announcement Text Message Templates

Jul 27, 2022

Knowing exactly what you should write in a church text message announcement can be challenging. You want to continue sharing the Christian message, but you also know that you need to do it in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the congregation. Sending out unprofessional texts could land you in hot water. 

To avoid this, churches should follow businesses’ best practices, using tried-and-tested message templates that combine tactfulness and directness. Here are ten examples you should be using in your ministry:

Template #1: Event Reminder

Churches regularly organize events, whether it is a prayer meeting on a weekday, or a family picnic or BBQ at the weekend. Text messages can be a great way to remind members of the congregation about the event and when it starts. 

Hello {name]. Come and join us on {date] for our annual family BBQ on church grounds at {time}. All are welcome. For more information on the food that will be available, please visit our website {link}. We look forward to seeing you there.

Template #2: Fundraiser

Churches also regularly get involved in fundraising events. Charitable activities are a major component of Christian life for many members of your congregation. You can share information about upcoming fundraisers via text message, or just ask them to get involved. 

Hi {name}. Are you looking to sign up for our annual fundraiser? If so, now is the time to do it. Respond “yes” to this message to join us on {date} at {location} to start raising money for the community.

Template #3: Request For Volunteers

While churches often have paid members of staff on their rosters, they can’t do everything. Sometimes, leadership needs volunteers, particularly when they want to do community outreach or organize large events. In these cases, volunteer request texts can help.

Hi {name}. We’re currently looking for volunteers for {event} on {date and time}. We need people to {tasks}. If you’re interested, respond “yes” and we will be in touch soon!

Template #4: Donation Request

Churches incur a lot of costs. Building maintenance, payroll, supplies, and utilities all require money. Therefore, you may want to send out donation request SMS messages, particularly if your finances need a boost. These messages can tactfully remind members of the congregation that you have a financial need. 

We’re looking for donations for building upkeep. Any money you send enables us to stay at our current location. To donate easily, go to {link} and sign up! – {church name}

Template #5: Appointment Reminder

Throughout the week, many churches run community activities, such as counseling services, play schemes for children, and training. These activities earn extra money but they can be challenging to organize. Here’s an example of an appointment reminder SMS that you might want to send to the congregation. 

Hi {name}. We’re just letting you know that you’ve scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at {time}. We look forward to seeing you then! – {church name}

Template #6: Payment Reminder

Churches often require congregants to send money individually for particular activities (such as away days). However, not everyone pays on time. Here’s an example of a payment reminder you might want to send. 

Hi {name}. It’s {church name}. Don’t forget to send us payment by {date} for the church away day so we can sign you up for the event. If you have any questions, contact us on {phone number}. 

Template #7: Baptismal, Wedding, Or Funeral Announcement

Churches can use SMS to announce significant events, such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. Here’s an example of what you might want to write:

Hi {name}. The church is proud to host the wedding of {bride and groom} this Sunday – {date}. To see our updated schedule, please visit {website link}. We look forward to seeing you there!

Template #8: Reservation Confirmation

Sometimes you’ll need members of your congregation to make reservations for upcoming events. In this situation, it’s helpful to have a reservation confirmation text on standby, ready to go. 

Your reservation for {event} is confirmed. See you there at {time}!

Template #9: Opt Out

Not all members of your church want to receive text messages from you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give them the option to opt out and receive information via alternative channels. 

You’ve chosen to opt out of receiving text messages from {church name}. To opt in again, simply reply to this message. 

Template #10: Warning Message

Lastly, you may want to send members of the congregation warning messages about bad weather and canceled services. 

Due to bad weather, we’re canceling today’s service at {time}. Check our website or Twitter feed for our latest schedule.

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