SMS Marketing For Gyms

A lot of people have a love-hate relationships with gyms. They feel great when they go, but breaking that mental barrier to actually go constitently is what proves tough. By using text message marketing for your gym, you can provide that small push that keeps them coming back and feeling great.

Here Are Some Ways Gyms are Using SMS to Increase Their Membership

Send out Promo Offers

Do you have a promotion to offer at your gym? Emails are super easy to miss in the bulk of spam and random offers that people receive on a daily basis.

Stand out from the crowd by sending a text message. SMS have a whopping 98% open rate. Compared to the average email open rate of 18%, that is an incredible increase of people learning about your offer.

Follow up with prospects and send them information

Use our convenient two way texting and inbox feature to keep conversations going with your members. After you send out your promotional material, you can answer questions and engage with clients directly from your inbox.

Use our Zapier integration to integrate with any other CRM/app with minimal work. Keep your interactions personal and let your customers know you’re easily reachable by using SMS for your gym.

Check out how Bluepring Fitness Atlanta used to grow their member base and reduce cancellations.

Create Keywords for Information

As a Gym, you can leverage the power of our platform to provide information to your members. Simply create a keyword, set up an autoresponder and put that keyword in your promotional materials (billboards, signs etc.) When customers text that keyword to your number, they receive more information about stuff like classes, calendars and anything else. Simple!

The Future of Gym Marketing is in


Don’t get lost in cluttered email inboxes. Reach your prospects where they’re most likely to engage with your marketing material: SMS.