Landline Texting Service can text enable your landline. All while keeping your current voice capability on your existing phone number!


  • Your voice service can remain the same
  • Send out texts to a large number of recipients (mass texting)
  • Set appointment reminders
  • Converse 1-on-1 with our simple inbox!

We support all Major North American Carriers

What Happens if You Send a Text to a Landline?

Without being text-enabled, a text message sent to a landline number will not be received.  The sender will not know if the text message was received or not. If you are a business looking to receive text messages to your landline business number, contact us today and we can get you started texting through your landline.

Landline Texting For Businesses

Why Text-Enable Your Landline?

  • Adding text message capability to your landline can add a whole new communication channel to your business.

  • Customers expect to be able to send text messages and get an answer. If you can’t text from your landline, your business might be missing out on a valuable communication medium

  • You can still keep your landline phone and use it for phone calls

How Do I Start?

  • Simply contact us either by chat, or submitting a ticket
  • We will need to confirm you own the phone number you wish to text enable.
  • You will be able to send text messages as soon as we confirm your ownership (usually within minutes).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Landline Texting

How much does it cost to send a text to a landline?

The cost of sending a text to a landline depends on the monthly subscription plan chosen by the customer. It is free to port your existing landlines into our system, and it typically takes 20-30 minutes for them to be ready for use.

We offer several different plans that range from $25 per month up depending upon how many texts you need each month. There are no additional fees or charges associated with sending text messages directly to any active landline number within our service area, so you can rest assured knowing that all costs have been taken care of before you begin using this feature!

What is the maximum number of texts I can send?

While there is no theoretical maximum to the number of mass texts you can send using, we do require that all of your recipients be opted in and give consent to receiving SMS from you.

Do I have to pay for incoming texts?

No, all incoming texts are completely free.

What happens if someone texts a landline?

If someone texts a landline without signing up on our system, that line will not receive the message. In this case, the sender will receive a landline text error, informing them that their text was not delivered and suggesting they check that the phone number they have entered is correct and try again.
To successfully send text messages to a landline, the owner must be subscribed to a service like ours to text-enable their landline number.

Will I be able to send pictures or files?

Yes, all of our text enabled phone numbers can send MMS (files) which includes pictures, PDF files and more.

Do you have long term contracts?

All of our plans are month to month, however you do have the option of choosing a yearly plan where you can save 25%!

Can I enable a local or toll free number?

Definitely. You can text enable any phone number you own.

Can you text a business landline?

Yes, you can text a business landline. In order to do so, the owner of the landline would need to sign up for our service and port their existing number into our system. After that is done (which usually takes 20-30 minutes), they will be able to send and receive SMS messages directly from their landlines as if it were any other mobile device! 

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