Texting.io Features

Our powerful and easy to use dashboard lets you focus on your business, and leaves the complicated texting infrastructure to us. 

*No Credit Card Required

Mass Text Capability

We make it easy to connect with your customers. Send out a text to all of your subscribers with the push of a button.

Easily Text Images

Need to get an image in front of your audience? No problem. We have complete MMS capability!


Two Way Texting

Maintain conversations with your audience with our Inbox feature, allowing you to continue conversations.


FREE Incoming SMS

All our plans include free incoming SMS text messages. You can rest assured that your chatty customers won’t use up all your credits.

CTIA/Carrier Compliance

Ensure that you are in compliance of various laws by reading our detailed compliance guide. 

Dashboard Reports

See your open rates, texts sent, texts received and many other analytics with our dashboard reports.

Unlimited Subscribers

No limits to the number of subscribers you can collect or upload on any of the paid plans.

Text to Join

Easily segment your audiences with our unlimited keywords. Send custom campaigns to any number of keywords.

Built-In Link Shortener

Conveniently located link shortener to save you time and text credits.


Unlimited Keywords

Easily segment your audiences with our unlimited keywords. Send custom campaigns to any number of keywords.

Data Security

We ensure that all of your data is kept safe with industry leading encryption.

Unlimited Integrations

No matter what you’re using, you can integrate it with Texting.io using Zapier.

Appointment Scheduling

Integrate with your Google and Outlook Calendars for automated appointment scheduling texts.

Upload Subscribers

Already have a list of subscribers that have given permission to be texted? Upload them using our simple CSV upload feature.


Campaign Followups

Create a campaign with multiple followups using our powerful follow-up campaign scheduling software

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Keep your account secure with another added level of authentication.

Add Users

Add as many users as you would like, and choose their level of permission. Perfect for larger teams or personal assistants!


No Long-term Contracts

All Texting.io plans are month to month, and you are free to cancel or upgrade at any time.

Start Texting Today

No Credit Card Free Trial

Every free trial gets a dedicated toll-free number and 50 free texts. Test out all of our features without a credit card.

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Book your Free, no obligation demo and learn how the platform works as well as how to unlock the potential of text messaging.