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Why Send a Group Text Without Reply All

There are a number of reasons organizations or individuals might want to send bulk texts individually. For a business sending the same text to hundreds or thousands of recipients, reply all can be very awkward and overwhelming.

The best way to get around that is to use an application like, where you can send one text to a large group, while getting replies individually.

How do I Send a Bulk Text Individually?

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On creating your free account, you will be given a free toll-free number. You also have the option of bringing your own phone number. Contact us to learn more about bringing in your own phone number.

Grow Your Group List

Make sure you include your number and your keywords to all your marketing materials such as flyers, billboards, coupons etc.

We also provide a convenient custom contact form template designed for use on your website to collect your user’s information and opt them into your text message updates as well.

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Send Your First Individual Group Text

Setting up your first campaign in is super simple! For a detailed breakdown, check out Creating Your First Campaign or keep reading for a quick start guide.

 1. Create a list and add a subscriber to it

2.  Select the list to send to, the phone number to send from, and the text message you want to send.

3. Send immediately, schedule for later, or set a recurring schedule.


Continue the Conversation Individually

After you’ve sent your bulk text, you can continue communicating with any replies 1-on-1. 

Respond to requests for information, continue the sales process and more with our simple to use inbox.

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