5 Tips on Sending Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

Apr 7, 2022

SMS marketing is a form of advertising through text messaging. However, it often goes overlooked by businesses who are not aware of its potential. Many people still prefer receiving SMS over other forms of communication, making it an excellent tool for marketing. It’s simple, direct, and effective.

Reaching out to users through text messages is convenient since most people have their phones on hand, making it easier to send promos and share information. Research shows a 98% open rate for SMS marketing. Compared to email and newsletter campaigns, which only have a 20% chance of getting opened, SMS comes out the clean winner.

SMS marketing strengthens customer retention by making them feel valued and that they are an integral part of your business. It encourages communication with users by informing them about your offers and promotions, a ‘thank you’ message for your recent purchase, or cascading information about your product. There are several ways to utilize SMS for your marketing strategies. 

It is also fast and efficient since many tools are available in the market that enable sending a mass text in just a few clicks. Another reason to use mass text is that it is a much more cost effective way of marketing. Sending 1000 mass texts costs just $45! It is a viable option for start-up companies or those who cut their marketing budget costs. 

If you’re new to SMS marketing, here are a few best practices that will give good results for your business.

1. Welcome Offers

This SMS campaign idea is to make your users feel that you appreciate them by your warm gestures. Like a welcome email, SMS marketing also uses messages to welcome a new user or subscriber and offer a small token. It could be a discount or promo offers exclusively for new members. 

It catches the interest and boosts the user’s interest, making them look forward to future promos provided by your brand. To give you an idea:

“Thank you for subscribing to Poshmark Shopping. As a welcome gift, checkout your items at 20% off. Just use the code POSHMARK20.”

2. Flash Sales and Limited Promos

It is one of the types of SMS marketing techniques that delivers impressive results. Invoke a FOMO feeling among your customers by creating limited-time offers. Make use of content that has a hint of urgency and pushes them to take immediate action. Take this as an example.

“Buy now, and we will give you 20% off your purchase.”

“Subscribe in the next 24 hours, and we will slash 15% off on your next billing.”

Or you can opt for a subscriber-exclusive promo that will effectively compel them to buy your products. Consider doing these promos regularly so that your subscribers will have something they will look forward to as a perk of being a subscriber. 

3. Use Nurturing Drip Campaigns

This messaging campaign keeps your customer engaged by sending them related information or tips about your product or service. You can attach a link to a blog from your website so the user can have a reference in case they look for further information. 

Tips such as “How Real Estate Agents Are Beneficial To Your Home Buying Process” or “Leadership Tips for Business Owners.”

Also with drip campaigns, businesses can encourage cart owners to check out their items or re-ignite the interest of old queries to consider purchasing your product this time. 

4. Advertise Events and Contests

Whether you’re launching a new product, hosting a concert or music festival, or will hold a webinar, use this SMS campaign example to put together participants and spread information about the upcoming gathering. Adding an image or a video to your message can help boost plugging and let you reach the desired capacity. 

Furthermore, you can also utilize SMS sending to expand engagement and grow followers and subscribers. You can embed a link to a landing page with a QR Code, prompt them to respond via text using a keyword, or fill out a short form containing their mobile numbers. 

5. Use the Right Tool

SMS campaign tools let you send essential marketing campaigns through brief and concise text messages to your target audience. It is a way to directly communicate to your customers so that you are sending them messages on a personal level. Brands use our text marketing tool to notify their subscribers about a new product and send out important announcements.

Compared to a mobile device, Texting.io has a mass texting feature to send a text blast or a scheduled SMS using your computer all at the same time. 

Businesses are gradually transitioning to digitization and automation. It leads to the discovery of integrating ERP software for business to SMS solutions. ERP software is now more approachable for businesses of all sizes, as before it fits better for larger enterprises. ERP systems can help businesses of any size manage day-to-day business processes. This integration lets the business system send automated messages for a marketing campaign or when it needs to send a prompt when a situation arises, such as updates of order status, order confirmation, delivery notification, and more.

SMS Best Practices To Follow For a Successful Text Campaign 

Keep your texts brief and straight to the point. What sets text messaging apart from emails is that it is short and does not need much time to understand. Acquire permission from your user to avoid being categorized as spam. 

Keep in mind not to annoy your users by bombarding them with daily text messages. Create a scheduled text but remember not to flood them with your text messages. Although the last thing we wanted is for our customers to be left off the hook, it is necessary to add an unsubscribe option. You can include in your text message a choice to reply STOP to opt-out from their subscription.


In conclusion, when sending your first mass text campaign, there are a few things you want to keep in mind, including the type of campaign you’re sending, the recipients, as well as your goals for the campaign.

Texting.io provides a number of powerful features to help you accomplish your SMS marketing goals. Check out our Features Page for more information, or feel free to contact us with any questions by chat or by text message at (716)-271-7434.


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