Church Texting Service

Churches are often leaders in the community. These days, the best way to stay connected is through text messaging. From sending out updates on church services, to warning communities about tornadoes and other threats, using SMS blasts for your church is the best way to get in front of your parish.

All Churches and Non-Profit Organizations receive 15% off all monthly plans.


Why Use Texting for Your Church

SMS messages have an open rate of 98%! Using text messages for your church marketing is the best way to get in front of your community and keep them inspired.

Keep Your Subscribers up to Date with Church Events

It’s easy to miss emails these days with the ton of junk we all receive every single day. Whether it’s retail promotions, event newsletters, or billing updates we’re being constantly inundated with emails all the time. Naturally, it’s easy for your church’s message to get lost in the clutter like everything else in your congregation’s inboxes. 

Mailchimp is an email marketing provider that handles billions of emails a month for their user’s campaigns. According to their analytics, the average open rate on an email is at most around 25%, which is fine, but that means that 75% of your followers are not reading your message.

In contrast, SMS text messages enjoy open rates upwards of 98%! This ensures that the vast majority of your message will at the very least be read.

church sms example 1

Create Custom Keywords, and Keep Your Community Engaged

Create a keyword (a specific word or phrase) autoresponder to subscribe people to receive daily texts from your church.

To help encourage daily devotionals, bible reading and prayer, your church can use text messaging to prompt congregants to remember their religious priorities. By sharing scripture or inspirational quotes with your parishioners you can help remind them to keep up with their bible study or even change the outlook of their day.

You can also send off texts with a few points of focus prior to next Sunday’s sermon so that attendees may come prepared to engage with that topic during the sermon. By combining this tactic and live polling you can really get everyone excited to attend church and engage with your material.

Need Volunteers? Use SMS to Engage 1 on 1

Do you have a great cause that needs more manpower to execute?

Why not craft a custom text message campaign that goes out to your church attendees asking if anyone would like to help donate their time or skills to help move the project along.

With response rates being as high as 42% for branded text messages, you might be surprised by how many volunteers you end up getting!

Support During Difficult Times

When problems arise or disaster strikes you can use text messaging to quickly launch an effective campaign to help support your community. Whether a church member needs some help getting to work for a week while their car is in the shop or a member needs fundraising services to help pay for healthcare, text messaging can help you get the word out quickly and mobilize support in no time.

SMS text messaging can help keep your church members stay connected and foster a more tight-knit community that has each other’s backs through tough times such as loss of home, transportation, life, or even through financial crises.

Inexpensive Church Outreach

The way your church conducts its outreach is highly dependent on your church’s budget. You may or may not have a healthy budget to support a dedicated communications team, however with SMS text messaging every church can keep their congregation up to date.

Text messaging, even to an entire parish, is much more cost-effective than printing and distributing elaborate flyers and sending out mail to every member. Even if your communication team is small, you can easily spread your message using our text messaging platform for churches. All you need is a list of all your subscribers and one person to craft a text message campaign and send it out to the whole list instantly.

Ensure Your Message is Read

With the superior open rates of text messages, you don’t have to worry about your message getting lost in the mail or your flyers ending up in the trash. In fact, these days 67% of people prefer to receive organizational updates and communications through text messaging. This helps eliminate long games of phone tag and leaving voicemails and makes your communications team much more effective regardless of size or budget.

These days cell phones are ubiquitous with 90%+ of American adults own a text message-enabled cell phone. With SMS, your congregation doesn’t have to learn a new fancy app because text messaging is something everyone knows how to do and is a feature of nearly every cell phone these days. The best part is your subscribers don’t even need a data plan, SMS texts work anywhere there is a cell signal.

Collecting Information and Requesting Feedback

Text messaging helps churches keep all attendees in the loop and allows church organizers to share information quickly and easily with everyone. New visitors can fill out guest cards in order to be added to the churches texting subscribers list, allowing you to retain your new visitors by making them feel welcome and sharing relevant church information with them.

In addition to all this, text messaging allows you to get a conversation started with new attendees as well as old. Letting your congregation know that you are available through text eliminates the need for church goers to make a special trip to visit the church office or call to make a special request. They can submit any feedback to your dedicated texting phone line and you can learn more about what your congregation wants.

Engage a Live Audience During Sermons

Some churches are using their newfound texting abilities in innovative ways to get their congregations more involved live during church events. One pastor in Missouri was actively encouraging his parishioners to text him during his service so that he can help clarify any questions people have. As his service was going he would glance over at his text messages and address any concerns or questions his audience might have regarding the sermon.

How to Use Texting for Your Church

Now that you know why to use texting for your church, here is a step by step guide on how to use it.

  1. Sign up for a text messaging service. You can quickly get signed up with our texting platform in just 5 minutes. Did we mention that churches and non-profits all receive a permanent 15% discount off all monthly plans?
  2. Collect your congregation’s information. Make sure to set up a guest sign-in system for your church attendees to submit their information for updates from your church. We also provide a convenient custom contact form template designed to place on your website and collect your user’s information and opt them into your text message updates as well.
  3. Craft Your Text Message Campaigns. Setup campaigns that are specific to the category of subscriber you want to send a message to. For example, you can segment your subscribers into lists based on group membership such as youth volunteers, church staff, parishioners, etc. Need to reach your volunteer group with a quick update? No problem you can send out a quick text to the volunteers with just a few clicks. Once you know what group of subscribers you need to communicate with, it’s time to craft your text message campaign. Our platform allows you to plan your campaign weeks in advance with automated follow up text messages that go out at a scheduled date and time that you decide.
  4. Setup Your Campaign Keyword. To help segment your subscribers you should create a campaign keyword that allows future subscribers interested in a particular event or activity with the church to signup to your list using that keyword to place them in the correct list. For example, you could encourage members of your congregation interested in bible study class to text ‘bible’ to your dedicated texting number to get signed up to text reminders of upcoming bible study sessions. This way you won’t annoy any of your subscribers with irrelevant messages and make sure everyone is up to date with the information they are specifically interested in.
  5. Promote Your Keyword. Make sure to promote the keywords you just set up everywhere that your congregation interacts with your church. You should be plastering the keyword and your dedicated texting number on every piece of direct mail, flyers, bulletin board, social media profiles, and voicemails to make sure your subscriber list continues to grow and more importantly so your congregation can add new members.
  6. Start Texting! Once all the set up is out of the way all that’s left to do is to get started texting your now growing list of text message subscribers. Make sure you make use of the best practices when sending text messages. See below for details.

Church SMS Template Examples

spam text example

Church welcome text example

Create a welcoming environment with personalized texts when people sign up.

Church classes text example

Inform parishioners about activities going on within the church.

church sms example

Church time change example

Send out a mess text informing of any changes in the church schedule.

The Future of Marketing is in

SMS and Direct Contact

Don’t get lost in cluttered email inboxes. Reach your prospects where they’re most likely to engage with your marketing material: SMS.