What Is Conversational Texting?

Aug 10, 2022

Conversational texting has become a game-changer for businesses looking for new methods to use and connect with their customers and conduct highly effective marketing campaigns.

When done carefully and thoughtfully, conversational messaging – a one-on-one interaction between clients and chatbots or live agents can help you connect with your customers who always want personalized experiences and timely responses.

This piece will explain conversational texting by stating the effectiveness of conversational texting and listing its numerous benefits. But before we go into details, let’s see what conversational texting is.

What Is Conversational Texting?

Conversational texting is a marketing strategy that combines mass text messaging with the effectiveness of two-way texting to enhance customer interactions.It is a type of text marketing intended to give a response to an inquiry made by a customer in a new or ongoing discussion.

Conversational texting helps to start a conversation that involves various activities, including:

  • In-chat product recommendations and sales.
  • Servicing clients and rectifying issues.
  • Requests for reviews or comments.
  • Distributing customized product announcements.
  • Gathering data about your customers.

You can use conversational texting when you need a proven method of connecting with a customer one-on-one, whether after the recipient has responded to a bulk SMS you sent or when you have to reach that person individually. 

As a business owner, you can use conversational texting to reply and interact with your customer base if you release an SMS broadcast to them and some replies with inquiries.

You can develop an interactive texting solution for your company and brand with two-way messaging, programmed response, and automated messaging using conversational texting. 

In addition, incorporating chatbot software into your interactive texting approach can help you to improve your business and respond to new messages quickly.

With conversational texting, you can provide the kind of personalized consumer interactions needed to take your business to greater heights. Although responding to your prospects through conversational texting improves your business, it also increases your lead conversion, which generates more revenue for your business.

The Effectiveness of Conversational Texting

Customer engagement is the main focus of conversational texting. The ultimate objective of using it is so you can have one-on-one conversations with your clients and create a strong bond with them.

Here are some of the reasons why conversational texting is very effective in businesses:

Clients want interactions with an actual human

The majority of people using SMS service platforms testifies that interacting with a live human agent when they inquire is one of the main factors that keep them glued to a brand. 

As a business owner, even if you use automated messages or chatbots to reply to your customers’ messages, always make sure that there is a customer care personnel on standby to attend to them.

Some customers will want to chat with a human agent before they get satisfied with a query they opened.

Clients Want Prompt Response to Queries

When a customer has a query, the majority of them want an instant response, possibly within a few minutes. Conversational texting makes it easier for you to attend to them promptly, either through chatbot technology or customer care agents.

Conversational texting is quick, based on real-life interaction, and uses the customers’ preferred messaging platforms. Additionally, it enables faster responses to more consumer inquiries.

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Customers Use Texting Regularly

According to a report, people are very active on different message service platforms. Texting is one of the easiest ways through which people interact. Therefore, texting your customers or potential clients brings your business before them without using the traditional means of advertisement.

Why Conversational Texting Is Beneficial

Conversational texting is beneficial because it assists business owners in communicating effectively with both their recurring customers and new ones.

Listed below are more advantages of conversational texting:

It provides top-notch customer care support

Texting gives your staff a practical and efficient way to interact with your clients. Conversational texting gives a seamless method to promote connection, get to know clients, and offer unmatched customer satisfaction.

You can also keep a record of interactions through conversational texting, which can guarantee accurate information sharing. Keeping a record of conversations can help your customer care support team when attending to customers who got disconnected but are yet to resolve their issues.

Transmit Important Information Using Automated Messaging

Chatbots are now common in text messaging, and most businesses use them for customer care interactions because they effortlessly deliver important information through conversational texting.

Chatbots using conversational texting is a modern way of delivering crucial information as soon as needed. This information can be programmed to be shown to specific customers with a particular inquiry.

The delivery of the needed information can also occur intermittently, which implies that customers can get the information anytime they want. 

Increases Customer Interaction

Conversational texting can increase client-to-business engagement by providing customized platforms to solve customers’ queries individually. Businesses can create highly targeted ads that connect with their targeted audience via conversational text messaging.

By giving them multiple options to choose from – to opt into a service or opt-out, conversational text messaging helps keep prospects interested throughout the whole process. Businesses that want to keep a close relationship with their customers need carefully chosen chat solutions tailored to their objectives, designed for interaction, and made to solve the problems of their target audience.

Sending messages that trigger prompt rapid answers from your customers is possible when you have the appropriate conversational option at your service.

Guidelines for Conversational Texting

The following are some tips on how to utilize conversational texting to get the desired result:

  • Use concise, punchy sentences that grab the reader’s interest right away.
  • Utilize simple inquiries that merely call for brief responses.
  • Use daily, casual language to enhance communication.
  • Use personalized pronouns to make the conversation to be natural.
  • Do not use passive voice so your message will be clear.


As seen in this article, conversational texting can assist you in making your customers trust your business when you communicate with them one-on-one, which increases leads and sales.

Conversational texting strategies assist you in having concurrent and consistent interactions with your customers instead of dropping one-off responses for them.

Recurrent interactions can develop into solid, personalized customer connections that, over time, result in more brand patronage and sales.

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