How Automated Text Messages Benefit Businesses 

Oct 8, 2022

Have you ever been in a frustrating situation where you texted a business support service for an urgent request, and you didn’t get feedback until after many days? You would more likely conclude that the company has poor customer support service and they probably don’t care about their customers. This is how every other customer like you would feel when they don’t get a quick response when they contact you for urgent help.


Having automated text message replies for your business is an excellent means for you to have good customer support service; where the expectation of your customers to receive a prompt response to their questions or complaints can be addressed either via email, text, or chat. And this will help you to retain your customers to your business.


As further explained in this post, text automation can provide many benefits for your business: they help to maintain a transparent conversation or communication with all your customers; they are a customer retention strategy, and they also ensure that your customers are well-informed in terms of managing their requests. 


Professional texting software by texting services can help you keep in touch with your customers. Before we go into full detail about the benefits associated with automatic text messages, let’s briefly discuss what automated text messages are.

What Are Automated Text Messages?

Automated mass texting service for business are predetermined responses used by businesses to enhance effective and prompt communication with their customers across several scenarios; this helps to assure the customer about the present state of things which sometimes is enough to calm their nerves, even in situations when your agents are busy, on holiday or probably out of office.


Automated text responses give businesses a positive public perception by providing personalized messages to stay connected to customers and keep them informed even in situations when the business channels are not available at the moment. Isn’t that interesting and an easy way out? Yes, it is. Contact a reliable texting service that can help in this regard, from 1-1 messaging option with customers to sending mass texts instantly to easy communication with your colleagues and staff, and more…

Benefits Of Automated Text Messages For Businesses 

Automated text messages provide a lot of benefits to your business when effectively done. Some of the benefits your business stands to enjoy include;

  • Saves time

Automated text messages enhance your business productivity by reducing the time spent sending replies to your customers as they send in their queries. Manual text messaging is time-consuming, especially when you have a large customer contact base which in turn can affect your productivity as a business.


Adopting automated text messages can help you achieve more work efficiency within a short time and help your business focus on other work without being stressed out having to reply to each customer. You also have the opportunity to send out mass messages at once to all your customers if you plan to send an update or general information to them.

  • Increases customer engagement 

When customers send in their queries or requests, they also want a prompt response that would give them the needed direction. Automated text message replies help to achieve this; the replies will be predetermined responses set by the business so as to attend quickly to customers’ demands.


It provides further direction to keep customers engaged until you can personally attend to their needs.


And it also supports and allows businesses to have continuous engagements with their customers using other platforms. For instance, automated text messages could contain a link that directs the customer to another channel for more information on the request.

  • Gives your business a good customer view

More often than not, when a customer sends a request to a business and does not get a prompt response, they most times don’t continue to patronize the business. The poor customer service experience can be the turn-off for most customers, and just as you know, customers are the life-line of a business, no business can thrive without committed customers.


But automated text messages help to provide your customers with the needed prompt responses that can help retain them to keep patronizing your business. Generally, customers tend to value businesses that respond quickly to their requests more than those that take time to respond to customers’ messages.

  • It gives assurance to your customers

Automated text messages give most customers the instant assurance that you have received their message and that the necessary actions are being carried out. 


For instance, if a customer signed up for a plan your business offers, a swift response acknowledging the fact that they just signed up for a plan gives the assurance that they didn’t make a mistake or an error.


When a business takes so long before responding to a customer’s request, it paints a picture of the business not interested in the needs of the customer, which can make them lose their trust in you and probably move on to your competitors. Hence, acknowledging customers’ requests with a swift response is always an advantage.

  • All day availability 

The truth is regardless of how devoted you are to your business and customers, you can’t guarantee a 24/7 availability to respond to your customers’ messages, especially if your business deals with a voluminous customer contact base. Other aspects of your business also require your time and attention, and you also need to take out time to rest.


Automated text messages make your business available all day to respond to messages while it grants you the opportunity to take breaks and attend to other aspects of your business. 


You can also take time out to probably go on a vacation or take time out with friends and your loved ones while customers and colleagues are not left stranded. 


Hence, with automated text messages, your customers can access the necessary information they need even though you are not there.


No doubts, automated text message replies are a very efficient way to stay in contact with your customers, even while you are away from work. Having to respond to every one of your customers’ messages manually can be daunting, especially for a business with a large customer base. And automated text messages work for every type of business.


To set up automated text message replies, especially if you want to get it done professionally, you’ll need the help of a reputable texting service provider. Seeking professional help offers you the opportunity to solve the issue of late response and help the way customers view your business in a very easy way.


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Businesses that use landlines are not exempted from enabling their phone lines for text. If your business uses a landline incapable of receiving text messages, you may lose your chances of converting more leads.

The procedure of making your landline text-enabled is easy, and that’s what this article will discuss. This article will state the step-by-step guideline on how you can receive a text with a landline.

But before we go into details, let’s first refresh your mind by defining some significant terms.

What is a Landline?

Landlines are normal telephone lines that use real cables to convey signals, and these cables are either suspended from poles or buried. Generally, landlines depend on wired connections to function.

What are Landline Numbers?

Landline numbers are conventional local phone numbers that usually have 10 digits and rely on real cables to support voice calls. Landline numbers are not the same as mobile cell phone numbers, and it’s because mobile cell phone numbers emit radio frequencies and also have a voice call internet connection.


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Steps On How To Receive A Text Message On A Landline

If you want to receive a text message through your landline, do the following:


  1. Contact a texting service that can read out texts in the form of voice messages.
  2. Whenever a customer sends a text message to you, the carrier or phone company verifies your landline text service by searching for your details.
  3. Once found, the carrier will use a female voice to capture the text message details.
  4. The texting service will dial your landline number.
  5. Once you pick it, the text message will be read out loud in the form of a voice message to your hearing.

Benefits Of Your Business Receiving Text Messages On Your Landline

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider text-enabling your landline number. These reasons are some of the reasons: 


  1. You can easily boost sales when you allow text messaging on the number connected to your business.
  2. It is a practical and easier approach through which your customers (both old and prospective customers) can get in touch with you.
  3. Allow customers to patronize your business.
  4. The majority of customers prefer texts to calls.
  5. Boosts the relationship between you and your customers, by helping them connect with you rather than your rivals.
  6. Make it seamless for your customers to get in touch with you if they have any concerns they want you to address.
  7. You can use text tracking tools to monitor and track received text messages to help you checkmate the growth of your business.
  8. It will enable you to generate more leads, which means a boost in revenue, which will improve your business over time.
  9. If your landline is text-enabled, you will be able to reach more prospective customers each day.

A simple approach for businesses to engage with their clients is through texting – it is easier for both customers and business owners to fulfill their objectives through it.

What Does Text to Landline Mean?

Text to landline enables text messaging on a landline number. Simply put, it makes receiving text messages on a landline number possible. As a business owner, you can activate your landline numbers for text messaging through the help of a texting service.

Through it, your customers can also reach out to and interact with you – it is a viable avenue for them to forward their complaints and queries while patronizing your business. You might be losing out on texts that your customers might be attempting to send to your landline if your landline does not have text enabled on it.

What is the Difference Between Text-to-Landline Services and a Texting Service?

Texting services that enable texting on your business landline are different from text-to-landline services. Text messages delivered to a landline number are converted into voice recordings with the help of a text-to-landline service because there is no means to read or reply to messages on a landline. 

These text-to-landline services will make a voice call to your landline number and voice-deliver your text message through voice. But with a regular texting service, you can use texting tools to receive and send texts once you enable text on your mobile business number.


Texting services provide a dashboard and an SMS inbox so that you can view text messages and reply manually or even automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Customers Message Me Through My Landline?

Yes, you can receive texts from your customers (both existing and new) through your landline number if it is text-enabled. It is also a way through which your customers can contact you if they want, or whenever they want to make an inquiry.

Can I Send Texts From My Current Landline?

Yes. Landline business phones can be text-enabled at any time. If you want to start receiving text messages from your existing landline number, simply enable text on it by contacting a texting service.

What Will Happen To My Current Voice Service If I Enable Text On My Landline?

Generally speaking, adding texting capabilities to an active landline number has no impact on voice service. You can receive calls normally alongside texts that come in the form of voice recordings through the help of a text-to-landline service.

Do I Need To Buy Any Software Before I Can Receive Text Through My Landline Number?

Your landline number can be text-enabled without you buying any extra device or software. Simply contact a professional texting service that can do that.

In Summary

This article has explained in detail the steps to take if you want to receive text messages on your landline. To do that, simply enable texting on the landline number and find a text-to-landline service that will call and read out text messages to you once they are sent. Mass Texting Service

  • Instantly send mass text messages online.
  • No programming required. Simple and easy to use.
  • Text 1-on-1 with your customers.
  • Set up automatic responses…
  • …and more!

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