What Does Opt-in And Opt-out Mean In Text Messaging?

Jul 19, 2022

Opt-in and opt-out messages have long been essential to email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, opt in and opt out isn’t as well known when it comes to text messaging.

This article can help!

Here, we shall discuss what opt-in/opt-out means when it comes to SMS marketing and business to consumer text messaging.

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Opt-in – What You Should Know

What Is Opt-in in Texting?

In text message marketing, opt-in reffers to the process of receiving express written consent from your contact to send them promotional text messages.

In the case of businesses, opt-in methods are tools for seeking subscribers’ consent regarding promotional and transactional texts. How so?

Sending texts to your customers even when you have their phone numbers without their express written approval is illegal. So, you must seek their consent first. That is where opt-in channels are important!

Have Them Text You First

The easiest way for someone to opt-in to receiving texts from you is to have them text you first! This is a clear indication that they’re interested in hearing from your business.

Even when you have consent to send texts, you should make sure that all your promotional material contains the following:

  • Your company name
  • Let subscribers know that they can unsubscribe at will and anytime
  • How often you’ll send the messages (per month)
  • If you’re sending promotional texts, be upfront about the exact details – e.g, costs.

Web Forms

If you’re getting leads from a website or lead-form ad, you can add a checkbox that prospects can click that says something like “I agree to receive text messages from Business XYZ.” This is a super simple way to get people to provide consent.

It is important that the checkbox is not pre-selected.

Double Opt-in

If you have received consent from a webform, and you want to make doubly sure that your recipients are glad to hear from you, you can send them a text message to make sure.

This approach is called the “double opt-in” strategy. And often, it helps to identify bottom-of-the-funnel customers.

That said, here is an example of the double opt-in message:

Hi [name],

I’m Timfrom ABC enterprises. You gave us consent via our web form to send you texts. We want to confirm again if you’re still okay with it?

BTW, we only send 3-5 texts per month. And they will be about events, promotions, and promo codes.

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Opt-out: What You Should Know

What Is An Opt-out?

An opt-out message is a way for recipients to stop receiving text messages from you. The following are examples of carrier-level (this means the cell phone carriers will automatically prevent that phone number from contacting your number) opt-out messages:

  • Stop
  • Quit
  • Unsubscribe
  • Opt-out
  • Cancel

It is also worth noting that these are not case sensitive. Stop is the same as stop, which is the same as STOP.

Keep in mind that to opt-out, you need to ONLY send the opt-out keyword. So something like “please stop now” will not work.

While no business wants to lose its customers or prospects, you will likely not convert all leads. Likewise, some of your subscribers will leave; that is, opt-out.

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