10 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Jul 25, 2022

You’ve likely heard of SMS marketing by now and how it’s one of the best marketing strategies a business can implement to communicate with their clients and potential customers. It is straightforward, quick, and efficient.

With the constantly increasing use of mobile, your customers are more likely to open and read an SMS from you because their mobile phones are always handy, which translates to more sales and conversions.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of the benefits of SMS marketing. Let’s dive in immediately!

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SMS Marketing Enhances Customer Experience Quality

SMS can do much more than just increase client interaction; it can also provide a channel for communication with your customers. Text messaging is a tool that can improve the way you interact with your customers throughout the entire brand-customer journey.

It gives them the impression that your brand is easy to reach. As a brand, you can use SMS to send birthday wishes or other urgent, planned sales-related offers like promos to your customer base.

You can limit a particular discount and coupon to those on your text message campaign list. Therefore, don’t use the same offer more than once to give the impression that they are getting something extraordinary.

Access To A Large Audience

Many individuals now own smartphones and other mobile devices. Therefore, SMS marketing has become one of the tools to use and increase your customer base.

SMS marketing targets everyone at once instead of concentrating on a single advertising method that might only reach a portion of your audience. Your customers can read the messages you send to them as long as they have a mobile phone that can receive texts.

Additionally, the more interactions you have with your clients, the closer they get to your brand.

Saves Time

SMS marketing can save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. It is a straightforward process.

You can easily plan your SMS ad campaigns at a later time with the SMS scheduling feature. SMS scheduling feature enables effective time management.

You Can Integrate SMS Marketing With Other Ad Networks

You must not use SMS marketing as a stand-alone form of advertisement. You can utilize it in addition to all the other methods you use in advertising your business.

In addition to being reliable, SMS marketing can improve and complement your other widely used marketing medium like email and social media platforms. If you have a new product that you want to promote, send an SMS to your SMS campaign list regarding that.

Works on Mobile

You already know that people use their mobile phones often. Most people use it for activities like surfing the net and making purchases.

Optimizing your business to do well on mobile is an added advantage. These days, being able to showcase your brand as mobile-friendly is crucial.

SMS marketing is one of the marketing tools that work on mobile devices. Utilizing it can benefit your mobile marketing program. You don’t want to pass up that opportunity for business visibility.

Quick Delivery

When it comes to sending text messages, there is hardly any waiting. You can be sure that your customers will see your text immediately once you hit the send button.

SMS marketing advertisement takes less preparation, which makes it stand out from other forms of marketing. With SMS marketing, you don’t have to gather resources and wait for printings before running ads.

Also, there aren’t any designs to finish or anyone to get in touch with. The only thing to do is create your text and send it to your audience.

SMS marketing allows you to send urgent information to your customer base as soon as possible.

Business Improvement Using Feedback

The idea that you cannot track SMS marketing results is false. SMS now achieves what email did for years in terms of tracking ROI, recognizing customer interaction via text message, and checking completion rates.

Tracking text message’s open rate by checking the number of conversions on a particular campaign helps businesses to develop more precise targeted ads. It can also help you to gain a clear insight into your mobile SMS database.

Profiling and sectioning out the phone numbers that are less likely to react will save you resources; it can also improve your ROI and enable you to retarget the clients that are not converting via email or other avenues.

Saves Cost

Sending text messages to your customers does not cost much. Compared to other advertising channels like Facebook ads, it is more economical.

SMS marketing is a good option for all businesses, especially the new ones seeking a means to start promotion but do not want to commit a lot of money at once.

High Open Rate

One of the advantages of SMS marketing is that your customers will read your texts 97% of the time once it’s delivered. As a result, SMS has a more open rate than any other mobile advertising.

Emails can enter your customers’ spam folders, and they can easily toss away a flyer they receive at the mall. But they will read text messages due to the popularity of texting and the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones.

Your clients will likely open your message and read its details. Try text messaging if you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers more frequently.

Opt-in and Out Option

Constantly providing options to your customers is a wise business practice. Allowing your clients to choose whether to opt-in to your campaign deals will make them feel more at ease with your business overall.

You can also utilize the data you get from how many clients opt-in to such deals to develop future marketing plans. Meanwhile, offering customers the choice of rejecting these offers is even more crucial.

You risk missing potential conversions forever if you keep sending SMS to uninterested customers to stir their interest. Likewise, giving them the option to decline to receive these text messages is preferable to pushing them away.

Wrapping Up

You’ve seen how effective SMS marketing can be for your business. Although it may not be as popular as social media, it produces results. 

With SMS marketing, you will benefit from greater customer engagement, text message delivery that is more dependable, connection with your offline and online customer base, fantastic customer profiling, reduced cost, and higher ROI.

Note: where you launch your SMS marketing campaigns is just as important how you do it. So, find and stick with the right platform.

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