10 Real Estate Text Message Templates To Sell More Houses

Jul 12, 2022

Text messaging is undoubtedly the BEST marketing channel to sell more houses as a broker, realtor, or investor. It has an incredible 98% open rate.

But like any marketing strategy, the high open rate of your SMS/MMS won’t always result in sales. Here is what we mean:

Indeed, your prospects or customers read your text message. But did they act? Will they buy or claim your offer?

Bottom line: the contents of your SMS/MMS are just as vital to selling more houses as the open rate. So, you might need to brush up on your persuasion and copywriting skills.

And while you are at it, you can also use (or modify) the templates in this article to get started.

We compiled some of the best message templates that have worked for our clients at Texting.io. Have a look below!

Text Message Templates For Real Estate Prospects

New Sign-Ups

With a streamlined funnel, the chances are that several prospects will sign up for your text updates. Once they do, send them a thank you message immediately – you can automate this part.


Hi [name],

I’m Tim from Exquisite Holdings & Co. You’re now subscribed to our text updates. Thank you!

We’ll be in touch with more messages to set up your profile.

Are You Buying Or Selling?

After the thank you message, wait a few more minutes. Then, send an inquiry message like this:

Hi [name],

Tim here again. To streamline our services to you, help us better understand your needs? Are you seeking to buy a home or sell one?

Pro tip: while you can combine the “thank you” and “buying or selling” texts in a single message, don’t. Separate them to keep your messages short and focused on a single purpose.

Neighborhood Question

The prospects would by now have replied to your initial text. In that case, adopt the following dialogue:

Note: this template assumes that the “prospects” want to buy a house.

You: Hi [name], thanks for your response. To streamline your search, what neighborhood(s) do you prefer?

Prospect: Myrtle Beach

You: Great choice; check out the available homes in Myrtle Beach at [insert link].

Notification Of Open-house Or Upcoming Event

Now, you have all the basic information about the prospect. So, what’s next?

Send streamlined sales messages about the prospect’s preferred neighborhoods. Here is a template to guide you:

Hi [name],

Tim here again. We have some exciting open houses for you:

  1. [Address], [time], [date], [link]
  2. [Address], [time], [date], [link]
  3. [Address], [time], [date], [link]

Kindly let us know which of the three options you like and if you’d stop by. CYA!

For upcoming events, you can use something like this:

Hi [name],

This weekend [date] is for our new subscribers!

We’re hosting an event [at Address, Time] to curate some of the best open houses in Myrtle Beach. We hope to see you around!

Text Message Templates For Real Estate Clients

Follow-up For Open Houses

Generally, the idea behind an open house is to show off the property for sale. However, it is also important to gather/verify the contact details of prospects. But beyond that, you can also use the opportunity to identify bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) buyers.

BOFU buyers are cash-at-hand clients. They are ready to splash the cash immediately if the right deal is available.

So, once you identify your BOFU buyers, follow up with them:

Hi [name],

Thanks for checking out the open house at [address]. Let me know if you have any inquiries, especially about the next step.

Congratulations Message

Ideally, a prospect becomes a client once they buy or sell a home with you. For that reason, we’ll discuss the message to send immediately after a sale/purchase.


Hi [name],

Tim here again. This time, however, I come bearing GREAT news.

Our home inspectors have checked your desired home, and there were no issues. Also, the seller has accepted your bid.

All you have to do now is to sign the agreement. Congratulations!

Suggest Alternative Homes

If clients only buy from the “cool” neighborhoods, how about the other homes in your care? How will you sell those properties?

It’s simple: subtly suggest the least preferred homes in your text messages to clients. Here is how to do so:

Hi [name],

Tim here. We have new and EXOTIC homes that will interest you. However, they are a few minutes (20mins max) away from Myrtle Beach.

Would you be interested?

Furthermore, you can suggest alternative homes to your clients should their current deal fall through. Here is an example:

Hi [name],

The seller of your preferred house rejected our offer due to personal reasons. If you don’t mind, we have a home with similar features but in a different neighborhood (about 10mins away on foot.)

What do you think?

Pro tip: always end with a question after suggesting an alternative home to a buyer. Doing so will increase the chances of a reply.

Offer Discounts

While marketing experts might advise you to offer discounts to prospects over your long-term clients, we have a different opinion.

From experience, a client will readily buy from you if there’s an offer to get more for less. Here’s why:

Unlike a prospect, your client knows the quality of your services. So, s/he will take up your offer without inhibitions.

That said, you need to avoid overusing words like FREE. Instead, follow this template:

Hi [name],

Tim is here again with exciting news. The price of the house you inquired about just dropped by 30%.

Now, you can get your dream home for $70K instead of the previous $100k. But you must act fast before other buyers catch up and prices rise!

Pro tip: whenever you show any discount, add an element of urgency.

Reach Out To Passive Clients

Even with the discount offer, the chances are that some of your regular clients will be dormant. It’s a common occurrence for all types of business.

And while you might be tempted to move on, don’t yet. Reach out to the passive clients; check on them, and reaffirm their interests.

This template can help:

Hi [name],

It’s Tim here. We haven’t heard from you for a while now, are you okay?

Also, we were wondering if your interests changed. Are you no longer interested in homes in Myrtle Beach?

Last note: while attending to your passive clients, don’t neglect the current ones and your prospects.

General Enquiry Templates

Frankly, home buyers will ask all sorts of questions from you. But of the lot, the most crucial questions are about showings. Why?

Only prospects and clients with intent to buy ask about showing.

So, when these ready-to-buy buyers reach out, you must reply in the RIGHT format. This template can help:

Client: Hi, I’d like to see the listed house, ABC. When can I check it out?

You: Thanks for reaching out. I’d love to show you the house. How does 1pm Tuesday work for you?


Overall, writing, scheduling, and automating responses can be a hectic job – especially with text messaging. But it doesn’t have to be so.

With a platform like Texting.io, you can automate the “stressful routines” and focus on your marketing. Book a demo now or start your free trial of Texting.io to start texting your real estate clients today!

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