8 Text Message Templates For Dentists

Oct 18, 2022

To excel in your dental practice in 2022, you must go beyond merely cleaning teeth. A dental practice is a noble profession that saves people from all their dental troubles and keeps them healthy. However, what’s the #1 most universal problem all dentists face? MISSED APPOINTMENTS!

Luckily, SMS marketing is an effective way for you to engage your patients and ensure that they show up for their appointments. 

According to some statistics, no-shows cost the U.S health care sector a whopping sum of $150 billion yearly. On the other hand, physicians lose $200 for an unused time slot. Dental facilities require money to run smoothly because of the used equipment, regardless of whether patients show up for their appointments. 

Beyond the financial implications of no-shows, patients’ health is at risk every time they miss an appointment. It can make their cases go from bad to worse and even put their lives at risk. A simple well-constructed text can prevent this situation and even save a life. 


Benefits of Text Messaging To Dental Practices 

Before we go on to explore the ways to write compelling text messages for patients, it’s expedient that you understand how beneficial it is to your practice. 

Improves Communication

You cannot provide impeccable customer service to your patients without taking advantage of effective communication. However, you need a non-intrusive, affordable, and easily implementable communication channel, so your service stands out from the pack. Patients receiving dental appointment reminder texts tend to show up for their appointments on time or reschedule ahead of time, allowing the dental office to free up the appointment slot for someone else to attend.

It is a better channel than phone calls because it is less intrusive, and it has a higher response time than emails. If you’re looking for a suitable communication system that cuts across different ages, SMS text messaging fits into that category easily. Also, patients can always be at peace knowing that there’s a reliable channel that they can use to reach their dentist at any time. 


Reduces Missed Appointments

When you send SMS reminders to patients, it increases their likelihood of showing up for the appointment. Patients often forget the actual details of their hospital appointments, increasing the rate of no-shows. According to research in 2016, 38% of patients forgot about their appointment or couldn’t even remember having one. With an automated reminder from your practice, you can ensure that the patient is present or even reschedule for unavoidable situations. 

Promotes Staff Efficiency

Once you can get reminders and schedule appointments through an automated system, you will reduce your staff’s workload and help them focus on more important tasks. That way, patients can enjoy a smooth, pleasant, hitch-free service. 


Reduces Waiting List 

One of the implications of no-shows is that many patients will be waiting for another time the dental practice will be available. This means there will be more demand for a future appointment slot instead of smoothly scheduling patients promptly. However, with consistent alerts, practices reduce such situations to the barest minimum. 

Free Text Message Templates For Dentists 

You can simply copy and paste these templates for your patients to save time and ensure efficiency. Once you input your own information, you can send it across to your patients. 


Appointment Reminders 

Reminders are an easy way to ensure your patients attend their appointments. You can decide the time intervals that you’ll send the reminders. You can decide to send them on an hourly basis, weekly basis, or monthly reminder depending on what works best for you and your clients. 



Reminder: Your dental appointment with Dr. (Physician’s name) on (date) at (time) at (hospital name) has been scheduled. Reply with “C” to confirm the appointment. 


24-Hour Reminder: This is a friendly reminder of your appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Remember, clean teeth make bright smiles. We look forward to seeing you. 


Next Appointment Schedule 

Most people fail to attend regular checkups because of the hassle of getting an appointment fixed. Sending an SMS to these patients will remind them to schedule and give them an easy way out with just one click. 



Do you know smiling can make you forever young? We can help you cut down some years with our teeth whitening service. Schedule an appointment today and gain a discount. 


Virtual Appointment Schedule 

If your patients have a tight work schedule, you can provide them with the option of a virtual appointment. Since the pandemic, the use of virtual meetings has skyrocketed because it is a time saver. You can send a reminder when it’s time for the meeting with a link that allows easy participation. 



Hello (Patient’s Name). This is a timely reminder of your virtual dental appointment with Dr. (Name) from (Business name). The meeting starts in 10 minutes, click this link to join using your phone or computer. (Meeting Link) 


Missed Appointment

You can fill in the gaps when your patients miss their appointments. Instead of waiting for them to make a move, you can always send them a text to reschedule. 



Hi (Patient’s Name). We missed you at your appointment scheduled for (time) on (date). Click on this link to reschedule your appointment or place a call across to us. (Phone number). 


Hygiene Tips 

Most practices only reach out to their patients when there’s an appointment. You can always stand out among the crowd with a different approach by offering hygiene tips to your patients. 


Do you know those small particles of food in your teeth decay when you don’t floss? Grow healthier teeth by flossing today. 


From your friends at (Clinic name) 


Change of Location or Operating Hours 

Imagine how many of your patients you can lose when you change your clinic’s location or operating hours. However, you don’t have to dread the process because a single text informs your patients about the move and directs them to the new location. 


Hello (Name), your trusted dental practice (business name) has moved! Our new location is difficult to miss, check it out here: (Link). 



Gaining a review or rating of your dental practice goes a long way in promoting your business and helps you gain the trust of potential clients. If you also have social media channels, you can ask them to engage your content there. 


A kind patient review warms the heart of every staff member and makes them committed to doing more. If your treatment was satisfactory, leave us a review (link) (practice name). 


Special Offers

Every customer brightens up at the mention of special offers. You can promote your business through this means and gain more consistent patients. 


Hi, (Name)! Thanks for being a consistent customer. Get 15% off your next appointment with code FOREVERYOUNG. 


Final Thoughts 

According to ADA Health Policy Institute, there are 201,927 dentists in the US alone. If you want to stand out among this increasing number, you must take marketing seriously. With the impact of the internet and social media, competition has gotten tougher. However, SMS messaging is a trick that you can keep under your sleeves to outshine your counterparts.

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