9 Gym Promotional Message Templates

Oct 11, 2022

Like every business, your gym needs effective SMS and email marketing strategies to survive. Unfortunately, most gym owners don’t seem to consider it. Instead, they focus on other marketing strategies to promote their business. 

It is okay to offer promotions, deals, discounts, bonuses, or any unique value proposition to market your gym business. However, combining these strategies with text message marketing makes it more effective and efficient. 

This article will help you with 9 outstanding text message templates you can use for your gym SMS message marketing. 

1. Gym class invitation Text message template

A class invitation should follow immediately after signing up a new member to your gym business. After all, you need customers to visit your gym while you make cool money. So, this is where the class invitation text message marketing strategy comes in.

You can start by getting phone numbers or emails of potential clients in your locality and sending them an invitation template. Here’s a perfect example of a class invitation text message template.


{Gym Name}  welcomes you, and we would like to invite you to join a yoga class. It promises to be worthwhile. You will meet our gym instructors, ambassadors, and fitness enthusiasts like yourself. Reply Yes to reserve a spot.

2. Training session Text message template

Text messages can inform your new and existing customers about a new training session. Ensure that such a text message contains the necessary details they need to know about the session and how it could benefit them. Here’s a good training session text message template you can use. 

Hi {Insert Customers name}, 

Here’s your chance to get full body training and evaluation from {Insert trainer’s name}. The time is 4 pm. We will be excited to see you around. 

3. Welcome Text message template

Use this text message template to welcome your new members to the gym house. 

Hello { Insert new member’s name},

Welcome to { insert gym name}. We are excited to have you and can’t wait to work with you on your journey. Our trainers are ever ready to help you achieve the look you desire. We are here to help.

4. Training resources text message template

Nobody goes to a gym without the essentials for seamless training. You can use the workout resources text message marketing strategy to encourage your clients to buy training kits from you. 

You can also tip them with special discounts when they buy training kits from you. Here’s a perfect template to use.

Hello {Insert customer’s name},

Don’t forget to buy your training kits from us. It is better and cheaper. Send Training kits to get the full lists and prices. 5. Referral program text message template

If you offer referral programs to your clients, here’s a perfect template to inform them of your referral program.

Hi { Insert customer’s name},

$100 is on the way to your bank account. All you need to do is to register for our referral program and refer a friend. Yeah, it’s that simple. You can make lots of money by just bringing a workout buddy. Sign up for our referral program using this link { insert link].

5. Review request text message template

You need your clients’ reviews to attract more customers and for promotional reasons. Unfortunately, only a few clients may remember to drop a review. So you can send your clients a text message review request. 

This is a good review request text message template you can use. 

Dear { insert customer’s name},

Thank you for choosing { insert gym name}. As our norm is, we like to know what you think about our gym. We’d appreciate a minute out of your time to give us a review. Here on {insert link}.

6. Apology text message template

Sometimes, things could go wrong in the gym. Maybe equipment that refused to operate or a trainer that came late. Sending an apology text message to your clients is a great way to manage unforeseen circumstances. Use this apology text message template.

Dear (insert customer’s name},

We sincerely apologize for the {insert the issue}. We know how much you love to use our facilities. We are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. We kindly ask that you give us a few days to implement things. Your satisfaction is our priority.

7. Encouragement text message template

Have you ever thought of sending an encouraging text message to your clients? Then, this encouragement text message template comes in handy. Check it out.

Hi { insert customer’s name},

I can’t believe you’ve shredded 30 lbs in just 3 months. Congrats on this new achievement. No one deserves it other than you. Keep it up! 

8. Special Promotion/announcement text message template

Special promotions are another way to sustain existing customers and attract new ones. To do this, you need an irresistible promotion text message template. Below is one such text message template.

Good news,

The moment you have been waiting for is here. {Insert gym name} offers you a 30% discount on all your training sessions when you register for 3 months and above. This offer will last from {insert date} to {insert date}. Send Accept to enjoy this discount. 

9. For special announcements, this template comes in handy. 

Hi { insert customer’s name},

It’s {insert gym instructor’s name}. I am a new instructor at {insert gym name}, and I will be helping you with body evaluation starting from {insert date}, {insert time}. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to meet you. Text YES to confirm your availability. 


The benefits of text message marketing include increased customer engagement, high deliverability, high open dates, mobile-friendly, and cost-effectiveness. However, you need extraordinary text message templates to enjoy these benefits. 

You could draw the templates uniquely. But if you can’t find inspiration, feel free to use any of the samples in this article.

You can edit or combine any of the 9 text message templates for your gym business. Good luck.

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