How Do I Find Out Who Owns An SMS Shortcode?

Aug 15, 2022

People often ask, how do I find out who owns an SMS shortcode? Well, the best place to consult is the U.S. Short code directory or administration. They have a database that provides you the opportunity to search for specific shortcodes to see who registered them and when they were registered. 

Shortcodes are used and owned by some companies or business owners to receive incoming SMS or opt-in consumers to their SMS program and are a 5 – 6 digits number assigned by an operator.

Many businesses have recently sought to take advantage of the benefits SMS short codes offer. It’s used as a marketing channel, and unlike the usual one-to-one text messaging, it permits you to send about 100 SMS or MMS messages per second and better reach your users.

To know how to find the owner of an SMS shortcode, you need to know what it entails. You should know here about SMS shortcodes and how to trace the sender.

What Is An SMS Shortcode?

If you have ever opted-in for a company’s text or their marketing updates sent through SMS, you will observe that they are quite different from the usual SMS messages, especially the number, which is relatively shorter compared to the conventional 11 digits.

These numbers are referred to as shortcodes. An SMS shortcode is a 5 to 6-digit number used by brands to have their text message marketing campaigns and to get consumers to opt-in for your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS shortcodes are used to send high volumes of text messages within a relatively short time, which is good for those seeking to reach a large audience.

How Can You Find The Owner Of A Shortcode?

The U.S. short code directory is the best place to consult if you want to trace or look up who owns a shortcode.

The U.S. short code directory has a database that allows you to search for the specific shortcode you are looking for with information about when the shortcode was registered and the person who registered it.

Purpose of SMS shortcodes

SMS shortcodes enable a brand or business to send or receive a high volume of text messages swiftly (about 100 messages per second) that won’t be categorized as spam. They can send more messages than a long code number will do given the same time.

Brands and companies also use shortcodes for their marketing campaigns and send messages to their consumer base when they have information to pass across. Information such as a new product announcement, product discount, Text to win giveaways e.t.c can be communicated swiftly using shortcodes.

Who Can Get A Shortcode?

Are you interested in getting an SMS short code and wondering if that can be possible? The truth is everyone and anyone can get an SMS shortcode. However, it is mainly used by businesses and brands that have a wide range of customer bases and want to reach them with information swiftly.

And you can always get a short code and benefit from it regardless of the business you are into.

Types of SMS shortcodes?

You can opt for two types of SMS shortcodes: shared and dedicated shortcodes.

  1. Shared shortcodes

Shared short codes are SMS smart codes that can be used by multiple brands or businesses simultaneously. 

The businesses using these shared short codes can be over hundred or even a thousand that are using the same number, and this is so many times because of its cost implication as they cost less than dedicated shortcodes.

Shared short codes have many drawbacks. Although, many short code services have banned sharing short principles.

Note: Shared shortcodes are no longer supported by USA carriers.

  1. Dedicated short codes

Dedicated short codes can only be used by one brand or business, unlike shared shortcodes that many companies can use.

Most companies now typically lease a dedicated short code, especially companies that need complete control over the types of text messages that they can send using this number.

There are two types of dedicated short codes: short vanity codes and random short codes.

  • Vanity short codes: These are 5 to 6-digit numbers you can pick when applying for a dedicated short code. They tend to be more memorable than random short codes.
  • Random short codes: also referred to as non-vanity short codes, These random short codes are digit numbers that are randomly assigned to you. You have no control over what the number will be.

How Much Does SMS Shortcode Cost?

Shortcode pricing varies depending on the type of shortcode you get. When you lease an SMS short code, you must pay for the right to use the shortcode for the specified period. 

A short vanity code (5 to 6-digit codes you get to pick by yourself) costs upwards of $1000 per month, while random short codes (where the code numbers are randomly generated for you) cost a minimum of $500 per month. However, though vanity codes are quite costly, you have to consider their effectiveness as you can reach more subscribers and conversions with them, and they are easy to remember and use.


Shortcodes are managed by businesses using them, which implies that the company is solely responsible for messages sent and received on the shortcode. Many businesses take advantage of the benefits SMS short codes offer by getting one for your business to enjoy the privileges that it offers.

You can trace the source of the shortcodes you receive by consulting the U.S Short code directory; you can also opt out of receiving messages from SMS smart codes by replying with a text message with the word ‘STOP’.


How do you get a 5 – 6 digit text number?

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