How To Set Up A Texting Club

Aug 21, 2022

One of the fastest approaches to harness the potential of SMS marketing is to start texting clubs. Do you want to promote brand awareness, customer experience, or sales? A texting club can help you to achieve all these and more.

This article will provide all the details you need if you’re interested in starting a texting club and how it can help your business.

Before you finish reading the article, you will understand what a texting club is and how to utilize it for your SMS marketing goals.

What Exactly is a Texting Club?

A texting club is a collection of subscribers with whom a business communicates via promotional or business-related texts.

It is a collection of customers who choose to receive text-based transactional or sales promotion updates.

Numerous businesses and companies of all sizes use texting clubs. For instance, online shopping websites utilize texting clubs to notify customers about specialized deals and discounts.

How To Set Up A Texting Club

To set up a texting club:

Hire an SMS Service Provider

You need to hire an SMS service provider to help you send bulk texts if you want to create a texting club.

An SMS service provider can help you to send a single SMS to your complete list or a selected group of people at once.

Your objectives, such as boosting sales, boosting customer trust, enhancing brand exposure, etc., will determine the structure of your texting club.

Before they send the bulk SMS, the SMS supplier can text-enable your existing 10-digit line, assign you a different toll-free number, or assist you in setting up a short code (like 621621) specific to your company.

Import Contact Details

You can migrate subscribers who have previously signed up to receive messages from you into the texting service supplier’s system.

Before you import the contacts, ensure that you get permission from them.

You must be sure that all your contacts have given their full authorization before sending any text to them.

Develop A Keyword

Once your company has text capabilities, you can designate a keyword that your subscribers can add to a message when they text it to your contact number.

This keyword or phrase helps your contact list subscribe to a promotion offer, discount offer, or a deal you made available earlier.

For instance, the SMS service provider can help you send text SHOP to 700700 to enjoy biweekly specials and coupons on all of our products” to your subscribers’ list.

Note that you need more than just a phrase or keyword – you also need to publicize it. More contacts are likely to be added to your texting club directory the more times you use your keyword.

Create An Online Form

Create an online template that you can add to your website and highlight on your social media pages. Subscribers consent to joining your texting club once they enter their details into the page.

Once you start gaining subscribers, you can use your texting club as a platform to interact with your audience.

Publish Your Debut SMS Campaign

Once you create a keyword and import your subscribers’ list on the SMS service providers platform, it’s time to write your first SMS promotional campaign.

You can create and send the text right away or at a later time.

Note: Since messaging is a two-way communication mode, all your texts can also get a response from the members of your texting club.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Purpose Do texting clubs Serve?

Businesses can start a texting club for many objectives, including:

  • Providing notice of flash sales and membership discounts.
  • Increasing turnover rates.
  • Boosting client trust.
  • Increasing ratings and feedback.
  • Sending notifications for events or services.
  • Sending advertising texts with helpful advice and exclusive deals.

texting clubs’ primary goal is to improve customer-business ties, so it is up to you to decide how to utilize your texting club.

Which Businesses Benefit Mostly From texting Clubs?

texting clubs typically work well for businesses that have:

  • Products and services that frequently alter in price, or are replenished after being sold out.
  • Clients who fit a specific demographic location.
  • Seasonal events or spikes in activity at a particular time of the year.
  • A team who instructs knowledgeable audiences about a topic.
  • A sales staff that communicates with leads during the whole sales process.

Do not think that texting clubs aren’t a good fit for you if you don’t relate to any of the criteria listed above.

For a fact, your business not connecting with any of them implies that integrating it into your marketing plan will help you differentiate yourself from your business competitors.

Your level of work in a texting club will directly affect its success. Therefore, your texting club has a higher potential of succeeding if you are motivated to build a connection with your customer base.

Should I Obtain permission (Opt-in Consent) Before Sending Messages To My Texting Club?

One of the most crucial guidelines to follow when creating a texting club for promotional objectives is to get subscribers’ approval (opt-in approval) before messaging them.

Regulatory’ sanctions or even class-action lawsuits may result from failure to obtain permission.

In addition to ensuring that you gain their permission, let them know what you’ll be texting them.

The likelihood that your SMS would be interpreted as unwanted or uninvited decreases if you are open about your intention of sending the messages. 

Additionally, doing this will lower your opt-out rate.

Study the SMS marketing regulations before starting a texting club because they vary according to your subscriber’s location.

The ideal course of action if you have questions regarding the laws in your jurisdiction is to spend some effort to acquaint yourself with any pertinent rules and, if required, obtain legal counsel.

Summing Up

If you want to start a texting club, just choose an SMS texting service provider to help you send bulk messages after building your subscribers’ list.

You can create your list by gathering phone numbers, but endeavor to get consent first to prevent accruing penalties or lawsuits.

After building your contact list, create a keyword, put up an online form, and proceed to send your first bulk message to your subscribers’ list. Mass Texting Service

  • Instantly send mass text messages online.
  • No programming required. Simple and easy to use.
  • Text 1-on-1 with your customers.
  • Set up automatic responses…
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