How Mass Texting Can Help During Extreme Weather Conditions

Sep 25, 2022

Nobody ever anticipates extreme weather conditions, but since the pandemic, the world has learned never to say never. One day, you can leave your house with everything running fine only to come back to meet the shock of your life. What better way to reach a wider audience within a short time rather than mass texting? It offers benefits that are second to none, and it helps you quickly reach anybody, anywhere. 


Critical weather conditions like thunderstorms, strong wind, floods, heavy snow, and others require that agencies reach people quickly to inform them. A single text alert that gets to an individual soon could save a life in a scenario like this. This makes passing information more critical than ever, especially since most people might not have access to other devices like their television. 


You need a mass texting service like the one offered at that will help you reach your customers and audience quickly to show them that you care about what they’re facing. 


What is Mass Texting? 

This type of texting can also be referred to as bulk texting which covers the strategy of sending an individual message to a long list of recipients. Mass texting is a measure used to reach numerous people within a short period. Businesses can rely on this text messaging style to reach their target audience using a consistent message that’s uniform for all recipients. 

Apart from emergencies, mass texting also works for promotions, special offers, updates, staff communication and others. It also allows you to schedule your messages before the actual time you need them. A good way to go about it is using a mass texting service that’s committed to helping you save time and relieving you from all your headaches. 

How Does Mass Texting Work? 

To enjoy mass texting to the fullest, you should use a texting platform that can help you reach your recipients shortly. Afterwards, you’ll have to find a suitable plan that works for you and the number of people you’re trying to reach. When you’re done with setting up an account, you need to have your customer’s information but they must have opted to receive SMS from you. 


The next step is to create a campaign that involves choosing the people you want to receive the message including their phone numbers. Afterwards, you can choose how you want the message to be sent either immediately, as a schedule or as a recurring schedule depending on what works best for the situation. 


Who Can You Reach With Mass Texting? 

There’s actually nobody with a cellphone that you cannot reach through mass texting. Once the individual approves that you can text them, then go ahead. 

Is Mass Texting Effective? 

There are various communication channels that you can explore during emergencies, there’s WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and others. However, you must be wondering why we’re recommending mass texting as an effective means to communicate information during emergencies. 

1. High Open Rate 

Imagine you’re trying to reach someone that’s fully occupied with their work during weather conditions. What you’ll have to do is use a channel that you’re convinced would open quickly. That’s what mass texting can help you achieve. 


They have up to 98% open rate which means that most people are likely to check the message when they see it. The reaction towards it is different from other channels because people believe they can always come back to respond to those. But with SMS messages, they’re more likely to open it and check the information embedded in them. If you want any information to spread like wildfire, use mass texting. 

2. Available to All 

Every community has individuals of different social classes which means their access to the internet and advanced mobile devices may be limited. SMS text messages are available to everybody regardless of their status and geographical location.


Since it is an extreme weather condition, you want people to be informed about it as quickly as possible. However, this can only be possible through a universal channel. Not everyone is active on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, however, every phone owner has a sim card. Once this prerequisite is met, you can send SMS text messages with ease. 

3. Convenient 

Non-intrusive channels of communication like SMS are often convenient for people to use which makes them more responsive. If you’re trying to reach people around noon, most of them are busy with their work. Sending a message across to them requires that you employ an effective, yet less-intrusive method that will not disrupt their flow. 


Extreme weather conditions can get really serious and it is necessary to reach people via a means that’s easy to access. Compared to other channels that use the internet, mass texting requires no internet or WiFi for it to function effectively. Also, the senders can save themselves the trouble of reaching people individually through bulk SMS. 

4. Wider Range 

One of the ultimate goals of mass texting, especially during extreme weather conditions, is to reach a large number of people within a short time. Mass texting allows you to cover much ground via a single click. Once you’ve subscribed to a convenient plan in a texting service, you can access the privileges based on the number of people you’re willing to reach quickly. 


Relying on a texting service is a simple and easy option that saves you from many hassles. Some even offer free trials that you can leverage for a specific number of days. You can even have the messages recorded ahead of time so they can be useful for your employees and others. 


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Final Thoughts 

Although SMS text messaging has been around longer than other communication channels, it has stood the test of time, especially as a means of reaching a massive audience within a short time. You can decide to send corresponding messages to your recipients if you want them to include their location during extreme weather conditions. With mass texts, you can also have multiple users for your account and even set it according to your preferences. Mass Texting Service

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