What Does Ard Stand For In Texting?

Feb 8, 2023

Texting has become a form of communication for many of us, and as any other language, acronyms have been developed to help people express themselves in less words. The acronym ARD is a relatively common one and people often ask, “what does ARD stand for in texting?”

In the world of texting, ARD stands for Absolutely Rediculous Dumbness. It is used in situations where someone or something says or does something so incredibly stupid, that it’s beyond words and can’t be ignored or taken seriously anymore. This phrase is often used when frustration or disbelief reach a boiling point because the ridiculousness of the situation can’t just be overlooked.

The term “Absolutely Rediculous Dumbness” is used to describe behavior that is foolish and unwise, often due to someone’s inability to think before they say or do something. It also brings attention to an issue that needs to be criticized and condemned as it can sabotage a conversation and eventually damage relationships as well.

One of the most common usages of ARD is when someone is trying to argue a point but is only able to support their opinion with weak arguments and evidence or when someone tries to role the blame off their shoulders by pointing out silly and redundant arguments and failing to provide viable solutions or assistance.

Examples of how the acronym ARD can be used in a texting conversation include:

“He said that the Earth is flat! ARD!”

“He blamed me for the problem without actually offering any help. ARD!”

In summary, ARD stands for Absolutely Rediculous Dumbness and is used to criticize and condemn behavior that is foolish, unwise and naïve. It pinpoints situations where someone’s argument is weak or where they try to blame everything on someone else without offering help. It’s a relatively common acronym used in texting and people should not take it personally if it is used regarding themselves or their opinions – instead, the acronym serves as a gentle reminder to think clearly before engaging in a conversation.

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