What Does Dots Mean In Texting?

Feb 8, 2023

Texting has become a popular way of communicating, with an ever-growing list of shorthand, abbreviations, and acronyms. From LOL (laugh out loud), to BRB (be right back), to IMHO (in my humble opinion), texting lingo is something that all of us are familiar with. But what does it mean when someone types out three little dots (…)?

Typically, three dots indicate a pause in conversation and is akin to an ellipsis— a form of punctuation used to indicate a thought not fully expressed. When you come across three dots, especially in a text message, they may represent a pause to give the reader time to process the comment that has just been made in the conversation. This can be useful in a number of situations. For instance, if someone is telling you about a difficult emotion or situation, three dots may be used to let you know that the conversation is ongoing and more information is to be revealed.

Three dots can also be used as a way to indicate that the person texting you wants to continue the conversation. If someone has just typed out a lengthy message, three dots may be used in order to prompt you to respond to what they said and keep the conversation going. They may also be used to provide a welcoming or reassuring response, such as when someone is venting about something and you reply back with a few dots to express that you’re here to listen.

More often than not, three dots are used to indicate a pause or a continuation of conversation and rarely signify something negative. However, they can still be used to express frustration or impatience depending on the context of the conversation. For instance, if someone has repeatedly asked the same question without receiving a response, they may type out three dots in a somewhat passive aggressive manner, as a way to indicate irritation at not having their question answered yet.

The meaning of three dots in texting can be difficult to discern, as it ultimately depends on the context of the conversation. While they are most commonly used to indicate a pause or continuation of a conversation, they can also be used to express frustration or impatience. It’s important to pay attention to the way in which the text is framed, in order to accurately interpret the message being conveyed. With that being said, the use of three dots in texting can be a useful tool for communicating ideas effectively, as long as it’s done in the right way.

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