what does nbd mean in texting

Dec 31, 2022

When you’re exchanging text messages with friends, family, or colleagues, you may come across the acronym “NBD.” What does this term mean?

NBD stands for “no big deal.” It’s a casual phrase meant to downplay the significance of a statement or situation. In other words, it’s a way of saying that something isn’t a big deal or isn’t worth getting worked up about.

The phrase “no big deal” became popular in the 1980s and 90s, due to its prevalence in pop culture, specifically in teen comedies. This is likely when the abbreviation “NBD” began to appear in text conversations.

Though “NBD” is meant to be a casual phrase, it can still come across as dismissive when used in the wrong context. It can sound condescending, as if the person saying it is trying to brush off the situation. For instance, if someone cancels plans with you and writes “oh, NBD,” it implies that you shouldn’t be too upset about it.

When used in the right context, however, “NBD” can be an appropriate and polite way to tell someone that you don’t need or expect them to do something. For example, you can use “NBD” when asking a colleague to help you out with a project.

If someone declines a request and says “sorry, NBD,” they’re basically suggesting that you don’t need to feel badly about asking them. It could be seen as a way of saying “I can’t help you at the moment, but please don’t take it personally.”

You can also use the phrase “NBD” to tell someone not to worry about something you said or did. For instance, if you accidentally insult someone and then say “uh, NBD,” you’re trying to reassure them that you didn’t mean to offend them.

It’s important to be careful when using this phrase. In some contexts, “NBD” can come across as rude or dismissive. It’s best to use it in situations where you don’t mean to be insulting or dismissive, and where you aren’t trying to brush something off as not being important.

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