What Does Obj In A Dotted Box Mean In Texting?

Feb 12, 2023

Texting is a widely used form of communication, both for fun and for serious topics. Many people have asked the question, “What does OBJ in a dotted box mean in texting?” OBJ is an abbreviation for “object.” In texting, an object is a file, link, or photo that has been attached to a message. So OBJ in a dotted box means that an object – such as a photo, a link, an audio clip, a video, or a document – has been included in the message.

Objects, or files, are often used in text messages because they can provide more than just text. They can provide visuals, sound clips, and links to information that can supplement the message. This makes conversations more dynamic, engaging, and fun. Objects in texting can also provide visual cues, such as emojis, that help to convey the intended emotion or meaning of the message.

Objects are also used to send messages that are too long for traditional text messages. For example, a lengthy text message can be sent as a “picture message” or an “audio message.” This saves space and conveys the entire message without the message being truncated.

Many websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, allow users to easily add objects to their messages without having to enter an entire URL. This makes it even easier to attach objects to text messages.

When you receive a message with a OBJ in a dotted box, this means that an object – such as an image, a website link, an audio clip, a document, or a video – has been included in the message. Usually, you can click the dotted box to view the object or open the link.

In addition to the OBJ in a dotted box, there are other common symbols used in text messages. For example, the arrow symbol often indicates a link to a website, the camera symbol usually indicates that a photo has been attached, and the smiley face usually indicates an emoji.

In conclusion, OBJ in a dotted box means that a file or object has been included in a message. The object could be a photo, link, audio clip, or video. It is a convenient way to include additional information in a text message and can make conversations more engaging and fun.

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