What Is 10DLC? 

Aug 2, 2022

10DLC is a new type of long-code phone number which is registered at the Campaign Registry and supports a higher volume of A2P text messages. Application to Person (A2P) messaging has evolved into one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of sending SMS messages. A2P deals with applications sending messages to human beings, however, it faces a major challenge with choosing the right messaging services to work with it. This is where the 10-digit code comes into the picture. 

What is A2P 10DLC Messaging? 

This system uses a 10-digit long code to send Application to Person messages to customers. Commercial long codes is another name for 10-digit long codes, they are phone numbers that allow business owners to send messages in high volume. This system works as a service number used for sending texts. 

It has a wide range of use cases that covers customer care, appointment reminders, service updates etc. 10DLC protects subscribers and ensures that spam is eliminated throughout their experience. However, your 10-digit number must first be registered through a respectable 10DLC brand and also approved by a brand campaign. Once it has been approved, then you can enjoy the many benefits that come with it. 

What’s the Difference Between Short Codes, Toll-Free Numbers, Local Long Codes and 10DLC?

Short codes are used for mass alerts and for messaging in high volumes. It allows you to send millions of SMS daily at a rate of about 500 in a second. However, they are expensive because you have to spend about $850 to $1500 monthly to reach that number. Despite the new innovations in texting, shortcodes remain the only one that supports large text blasts

However, it requires a daunting application process, a waiting period of about 8-12 weeks and it doesn’t work with phone calls. 

Toll-free long codes, on the other hand, are phone numbers that work with phone calls and text messages. This is a more cost-effective option for business owners who cannot afford shortcodes. However, its major limitation is in its messaging volume because it can only send 3 messages in one second and only a few thousand daily. 

Local long codes are regular 10-digit numbers that can only send 1 message per second. If you are sending under 3,000 text messages per day, you do not need to register for 10DLC.

10-Digit Long Code helps businesses who want access to more texting volume without paying the exorbitant fees that short codes require. It is lower in price, effective and it offers amazing features that business owners can explore. 

Benefits of a 10-digit Long Code (10DLC) 

There are enormous perks that you get to enjoy while using a 10DLC and they include:

Increased Messaging Volume 

Currently, four different options exist for sending A2P SMS, however, the 10-digit code stands out among all. They include shortcodes, toll-free long codes and local long codes. 

Despite the peculiar nature of all these options, they fall short compared to the 10-digit local codes. The 10-digit long code offers higher throughput when it comes to messaging than local or toll-free codes can offer any business. It supports medium to high message volumes. Some leaders have declared that it will allow business owners to send about 5 to 15 SMS in a second. 

Lower Costs 

Compared to shortcodes, 10DLC is more cost-effective. It allows you to spend only a few dollars monthly to keep your messages running. You don’t have to spend a fortune, however, it costs more than standard long code messaging depending on the volume. 

A Dedicated Number 

This text messaging style allows business owners to have a dedicated line. If you’re looking for a way to strictly control the types of messages that you send, then this will work perfectly for you. It will allow businesses to receive and send text messages using their existing numbers. 

Fosters Accountability 

Before 10-digit long codes came into the picture, businesses shared shortcodes so they could affordably send bulk messages. This means that one number will be used by different brands making it difficult to account for the culpability when spam is sent from that shared number.

10DLC uses a dedicated number that ensures accountability because each business and organization will have their own. This way, with lesser costs and the opportunity to send a larger volume of texts, every business will take responsibility for whatever actions they take. 

Offers New Business Prospects 

US cellular carriers can earn money from 10DLC because it is not yet as popular as its counterparts. However, as the general public becomes more aware of its benefits, these cellular carriers can gain money from a market that’s not yet saturated. 

How To Register for 10DLC

The registration process is quite straightforward but you must pay attention to all the necessary steps. You can request to be enabled for 10DLC if you already have a local long code. 

Company Registration

The first step to registering your 10DLC is to register your company at the Campaign Registry. This process is instant unless more information is required from you. It requires that you pay a fee for your company’s registration. It is a separate charge from your regular charges every month used for the campaign and a 10-digit long code. 

Campaign Registration 

Once your company has been registered, the next step is to create a campaign. You can use the Amazon Pinpoint console to create the campaign. However, it’s important to note that campaigns take about a week or longer before approval. Afterward, submit your campaign to the Campaign Registry for approval.  

Request For Your 10DLC Number 

Once done with your 10DLC campaign and your company’s approval, you can now get a 10DLC number and link it with your campaign. 

Note: You have to create a different 10DLC for all separate businesses. 

Final Thoughts 

10DLC serves as the middle ground between short codes and toll-free numbers because it allows more business owners to access A2P messaging as a marketing tool. Application to Person Texting has been envisaged by many as a means that will transform how businesses operate. With 10DLC, it will even have a much wider reach. 

If you have any issues with 10DLC, or would like help registering your number, feel free to contact us either in live chat, by submitting our contact form, or by text message at +1 716 271 7434

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