What is A2P (Application to Person) Texting? 

Jul 31, 2022

With the evolution of emails and social media texts, it’s easy to think SMS messaging has gone extinct. But that’s far from true.

According to Textedly’s survey, 66% of the customers prefer to get notifications from a business through SMS. Little wonder, Application to Person (A2P) texting has become popular among businesses

You must be wondering about what A2P texting is, is it different from the normal type of texting? Well, you’re about to find out. 

What is Application to Person Texting? 

When you get a message almost instantly after withdrawing from your bank account, that’s an Application to Person (A2P) Text.

Application to Person (A2P) SMS is generated with a software application or web-based system that sends an SMS to a mobile user. It is a simple way that businesses use to grow their brands and improve engagement. However, this type of text is a one-way communication that requires no response from the mobile user’s end. 

Businesses employ this messaging technique for time-sensitive alerts because it requires no internet connection and can work regardless of a weak network signal. They also use it to communicate with the customers when new products are introduced. 

How A2P Texting Works

Application to Person Texting is a simple medium that business owners can employ without technical knowledge. However, there are laws on text messaging that differ from state to state and country to country. You must comply with them.

Also, there must always be a way for you to choose to receive message notifications from you. 

  • Find an effective A2P messaging platform with a proven track record, then create your account. 
  • Write your SMS message to be sent to a group or individual. 
  • Send the message. 
  • Your customers will successfully receive it as a regular message on their mobile phones. 

Benefits of Application to Person Texting 

Although SMS messaging started in the late ’90s, it has seen reasonable growth ever since. Despite being a basic communication system that allows businesses to use only 160 plain characters to convey information, it is still beneficial. 

Users See It Quickly 

During a survey, MobileSquared discovered that 90% of SMS get read within 5 minutes of reaching their phone. An SMS can grab the attention of users and stir up their interest in the direction of the message you’re sending as a business owner. 

With other messaging platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, users can actually mute conversations. Also, these platforms cannot work unless the user is connected to the internet. In a case where there’s a break in connection, the mobile user might not see the message until after long hours. 

Cost-Effective Medium 

Although digital marketing has produced unarguable results since the rise in mobile devices and trends, it has grown to be expensive. Running ads, investing in SEO, putting your web page together and gaining visibility on major social platforms requires lots of money and effort. 

In contrast, Application to Person Texting(A2P) has proven to be a cost-effective medium that allows you to reach your customers in less time. Also, over the past 10 years, the cost of sending an A2P text has reduced drastically which makes it an economical choice for businesses. 

Makes Scheduling Effective

Using Application to Person Texting (A2P) is an automated process that requires little human input. This system allows business owners to send out reminders, transaction details or even movie details within seconds. It allows people to gain information in a timely and orderly manner without any hassle. 

Regardless of the number of people you’re planning to reach via SMS, A2P will make it quick and efficient. Statistics have shown that SMS campaigns perform better than email marketing strategies. This means you can get more results and better organisation with A2P messaging. 

It is Measurable 

You must be wondering how you’re going to track the response of your customers with A2P texting.  You need not worry because that’s really easy. All you have to do is include a short link in the text that will allow you to see the number of people that are interested in your service or product. That way, you can get accurate statistics about your customers. 

SMS Spam Almost Doesn’t Exist 

There are strict rules and regulations for A2P SMS that were introduced by the GDPR in 2018. These rules are attached greatly to companies that send SMS spam which has led to its reduction. This benefit has influenced the high response rates that A2P texts have garnered in the marketing industry. 

What’s The Difference Between A2P and P2P Texting? 

There’s a high chance that if you’ve heard about Application to Person Texting, then you would have found Peer to Peer Texting also known as Person to Person. How do they differ? You’re about to find out. 

The name of these two types of texting has already given a hint about their major differences. 

P2P Texting is a two-way communication channel that is highly conversational. This kind is daily for interactions between people with the intent of getting a response. It can include text messages between friends and families. Also, chats through mobile apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook are examples of P2P texting.

However, A2P texting is a one-way channel that happens when mobile users receive messages from application software. It requires no response from the recipient.

Examples include: 

  • Bank notifications such as bank statements, withdrawal notifications, payment reminders, anti-fraud alerts and balance statements. 
  • Appointment confirmations from hospitals, salons and even meetings. 
  • Shipping information 
  • SMS for 2-factor Authentication where users receive unique codes to improve security 
  • Job availability alerts through SMS 

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Is A2P SMS Safe? 

This messaging system doesn’t work with end-to-end encryption which means a text can still be intercepted. When this interception occurs, the person who succeeds at it will be able to read your text. Despite this flaw, there’s a slim chance that your message will get hacked. 

Also, A2P texting is a fast and effective system that requires much effort from anyone who wants to hack it. This is why it remains the channel used for sending 2-factor authentication codes.

Final Words 

Application to Person texting is a method used across different industries to engage customers. Industries like fast food, financial services, automotive, travel, retail, recruitment and other industries have relied on A2P SMS as a means of interacting with their customers. 

Running an A2P SMS campaign is quite easy but you need to find a platform that is affordable, reliable and effective in sending out messages. Make sure the platform only requires you to pay for texts that were delivered. That speaks volumes about their integrity. 

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