What Is Drip Texting?

Aug 29, 2022

You’ve probably heard about drip emails. But do you know about drip texting too? If you don’t, here’s a concise definition: A drip text is a set of messages that have been set on cue to file out at a stipulated time automatically.

Here’s another definition you may find simpler: They are a series of text messages that the Sender programs to release themselves at a fixed time automatically. 

You know how you can schedule payment for a later date with your bank app, right? It’s almost the same thing.

Drip texting (also known as Drip SMS campaigns) offers numerous benefits to business owners, especially if they handle the marketing department. However, the punctuality of these programmed texts isn’t their only advantage. The ability to text many persons simultaneously is also highly beneficial.

These texts can be scheduled, and they can also be triggered by a response action from your text recipients. For example, when a subscriber replies to the first series of automated text, it triggers the release of the next batch. However, you are in charge of this setting and can make altercations at any time to suit your strategy.

As a professional marketer, it’s only natural for you to be up to date with the evolving trends in the industry. Drip texting is here to stay. So, we’ve compiled this article to help you get on track. We’ll show you how to create drip texts and use them to boost and navigate traffic for your business.

Types of Drip Texts

There are different types of drip texts that you are expected to craft. Since these texts are automated, you would need to prepare templates for each of these texts. Here are a few varieties of drip texts that SMS marketers create:

Welcome Texts

A welcome text is the first in the series that subscribers will receive immediately after signing up or consenting to your service. Therefore, you must put effort into drafting a creative welcome text. 

Remember you are obliged to input an opt-out option, so if you don’t get creative enough, you risk looking at these customers after the first message. Remember the saying: The first impression is everything.


A reminder text is a follow-up text sent out to individuals to re-engage customers who abandoned their offers halfway. It reminds them to pick up where they left off. If there’s a bonus attached to the service they are interested in, it would be best to remind them of it so you’d pick their interests again. Create compelling text that triggers your subscribers to close the deal.

Renewal Texts

Not a lot of subscribers take note of the duration of their subscriptions. Remembering them to renew their subscription upon expiration is partly your duty. You could prepare a reminder for them before and after their subscription runs out and prompts them to sign up again.

Order Confirmation Texts 

A ”Thank you for signing up” text for instance is part of your customer service. With this, you inform your customers that you acknowledge their relevance. And, if you play your cards well, you’ll succeed in getting up for another product. In addition, you’ll be getting new clicks if you can convince them that the second service is relevant to what they just signed up for.

Step-by-step Guides

You would need to draft a series of messages that would serve as a guide for subscribers to complete an action. These series would be programmed to come in quicker successions than other types of drip text usually do.

How To Create Drip Campaign Texts?

Some people prefer to use drip campaign software to facilitate drip campaign texts. However, a professional website is the most recommended means. It is convenient to use and allows you to save customer data for future reference. 

A drip texting campaign is quite an effective marketing strategy. However, before you plunge into it, you must learn all the ropes. Here, we’ve outlined the steps involved in creating a drip text campaign:

Set A Realistic Goal 

A realistic goal is the first aspect of any campaign. With a goal, you could narrow your focus and achieve significant milestones.

First, you should figure out what you aim to achieve with the campaign. For example, do you want to promote a product, increase customer engagement, or generate new subscriptions? Once you’ve outlined the goals, you can draft messages that align with your roadmap.

Plan A Frequency 

If not properly practised, Drip texting can be equivalent to spam which generates no leads. If customers consider them annoying, you will get an alarming rate of opt-out, and we don’t want that for you. It would be best if you used the first few weeks as practice. 

After that, see how responsive subscribers are to your frequency. Note the time frames when they respond the most and tailor your messages to push through during these times automatically.

Create A Compelling Copy 

The body of the message is the most important aspect of your entire marketing campaign. It deserves all of your focus and attention. Ensure that you follow the rules of –short and sweet-. 

Create a powerful header; include a call to action that instils a sense of urgency in the minds of your customers. And it would help if you did not forget to use a conversational tone for improved communication.

Launch The Campaign 

Once all of these steps are in order, nothing is stopping you now from starting your campaign. 

FAQs About Drip Texting

What Does Drip Texting Help You Achieve?

With drip texting, you can send relevant information to a mass audience. You also get to track all new and existing leads. This information lets you know what aspect of your marketing to tweak. Lastly, drip texting is the perfect marketing means for garnering engagement.

What’s The Standard Length For A Drip Text?

A drip text should be concise and straight to the point. Try as much as possible to fit your text into a 160-character frame.

How Often Should You Send Drip Texts?

No static rule governs how often you should send out texts, but you don’t want to bore your subscribers. You could program the messages to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

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