What is Text to Landline?

Oct 2, 2022

The rise of cell phones caused landlines to take a step back. Though their use has declined, they have not completely become extinct. Text messages have proven to be an effective means of marketing, and these landlines are also embedded with a two-way texting feature just like their wired counterparts: cellphones.


So, what is text to a landline?

This service allows you to send a text message to a wired landline. When a landline receives a text message, it rings and proceeds to convert the text to audio. This means that all text to landline messages are read aloud to the recipient.


The text-to-landline feature is authorized in most countries; there’s a high possibility you’re also allowed to use this service in your jurisdiction. If you’re a business owner, you should constantly evolve with the marketing trends. And since the text-to-landline feature has proved effective, it would be wise to hop on this trend as well. 


Sending Texts to/from Landlines

If you’re texting a landline from a mobile device, you’ll first notice that the message has disappeared. Don’t fret, and don’t be tempted to resend the message (most uninformed first-timers make this mistake). The texts disappear because landlines do not have the feature to store text messages; all incoming messages are transcribed into audio messages.


There might be a slight problem if the recipient landline is not enabled for texts from mobile devices. If this is the case, your text is possibly headed for oblivion, and you won’t get a notification either. 


If the texting features are not enabled for 2-way texting, the recipients would be unable to send messages either; so there is a high probability that the feature is active. 


You first need to activate the two-way interaction feature if you’re running your texting campaign from a landline. Then you need a text service provider to text-enable your landline number. But, of course, the best part of landline texting is accessing your landline text messages from a computer or a smartphone.


Many business owners utilize the landline texting feature; you should too. The process is completely hassle-free and impressively fast. You would not even have to move a muscle if you allow a reputable texting service company to handle the entire process for you. And setting up landline texting doesn’t take forever. It takes less than 24 hours to set up your texting line. 


Why You Should Use Landline Texting (Landline Texting Benefits)

If you have a business landline, here are a few reasons why you should text-enable it:

  • Customers prefer it

We all know that customers do not like to receive phone calls from businesses; even the reports show this. Getting a landline for texting will enable them to reach you and also allow you to reach them via their preferred method; this way, everyone stays happy. Text messages are convenient for both parties. 


Customers would rather schedule appointments, reply to ads, or seek help from businesses via text messages. Furthermore, customers may not be readily available to respond to your messages. Some do not have flexible schedules, so it’s only sensible that you send text messages that they can attend to when they aren’t preoccupied. 

  • Easy to set up

You do not need excessive funds to get your business landline running. And you do not need plenty of hardware either. You do not need to change your phone number; it would be a plus if your customers already have your landline contact. If they do not, you can still easily re-establish the connection. Toll-free numbers, shortcodes, and local numbers can be used for landline texting. When you text-enable your landline, you can send both SMS and MMS.


Interaction is fast, easy, and automatic 

When your customers try to reach you via phone calls, there is a possibility that their calls may be put on hold. Landline texting allows you a fast and automatic means of interaction. Texts are sent in a twinkle of an eye. 


And, if you use the right texting service, you would be able to set automatic responses to texts. This way, your customers will be attended to even if you’re unavailable or unable to access the landline. Remember you can link your PC or phone to your landline inbox? What other mode of communication allows you to reach your customers this fast and easily?


You can use the multilingual feature

The right texting service again allows recipients to convert messages from the primary language to whichever language they comprehend best.


Landlines support mass texting

With your business landline, you do not need to worry about how you will reach your large number of customers or subscribers. Landlines support mass texting, and the best part is that they allow you to set automated responses for these multiple customers.


Summing up

Texting from a landline can be extremely beneficial to your business if you efficiently utilize it. There are immense benefits, and activating this feature on your landline would be best if you haven’t already.


And with Texting.io, you can avoid all the stress of setting the system up. We will do all the hardwork for you.



Why will customers not reply to texts sent from a landline?

Customers can reply to your texts if they can send texts. There are two reasons your customers won’t reply to your texts: if they haven’t activated their two-way feature or are not impressed with your message. Hence, even though texting from a landline has several benefits that can influence interaction, the content of your texts is a prominent call to action. You should reach out to a text service company for help


Is landline texting expensive?

It depends on the texting service provider you’re patronizing. So, you need a provider that has affordable plans tailored to suit your needs, regardless of your current budget.


Do you need any extra hardware to run landline texting?

You do not necessarily need an extra setup to send or receive texts with a landline. However, you can connect your PC or smartphone to access your messages from these landlines if you cannot physically reach the landline.


Can All Landlines Receive Texts?

All landlines are eligible to send and receive texts if enabled.

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