15 SMS Marketing Templates For Any Business

Jul 30, 2022

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing avenues for any business. It gets you directly into your customers’ priority list as SMS has a high opening rate. You can pass information to your customers and get more engagement than you will with other types of marketing.

However, you still have to write the message. So, what should you include? Don’t know where to start?

We can help!

Here, we provide you with templates that cover the SMS marketing needs of different businesses, including product and service promotion messages. You can edit and insert your business details as required and shoot those messages to your customers for better engagement and lead conversion.


Your sales SMS should offer a new price to your customers and lead them to your website to confirm the price changes and the categories it affects. Make your customers feel they’re getting the best deal by taking advantage of the current sales or product combination. You can employ the fear-of-missing-out tactic here.


The new [product name] has landed in [company name]. Grab yours on [product link] before it sells out.


The new [product name] has landed in [company name]. Grab yours at [store address] before it sells out.

New Price Offer

Every customer loves a price bargain that makes them feel superior. A new price offer, usually lower, for your customers makes them rush to purchase products they’ve always wanted but haven’t purchased because of the price. Inform them of a price slash through SMS. You can also add a time limit for prompt action.


Your [customers’ pain point] will see an improvement with [product]. At [discount], you can get it at [product link or address] or at any [company name] store. Offer valid while stock lasts.

New Product Promotion

A new product needs to earn the customers’ trust. One way to do so is to point out how the product has helped other customers. Employ the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) strategy here.


The all-new [product] has helped [customers’ pain point]. [Company name] think should enjoy the same benefits. Visit [product link or store address] to get yours now as limited stock is available.

Seasonal Sales Promotion

Seasonal products or services pull in customers especially because they’re generally a good deal for them. An SMS for seasonal sales could be a reminder or notification. It should possess the emotional characteristics of the season.


It’s Yuletide season again! As [company name] celebrates with you, grab your favorite [product] at [product link or store address] for half its original price now.


Get the best out of your [season] with the [product]. Visit [product link or store address] now for the best [company name + season] while stock lasts.

Loyalty Rewards

Rewards are for consistent customers. Make your loyal customers feel appreciated with a reward just for them. You can inform them of their loyalty reward through an SMS.


 [Company name] appreciates your continued patronage and offers you a [reward]. Visit [company site or store address] to use your [reward] during its validity.


You have qualified for [company name] [reward] due to your continued patronage. Use your [reward] while it’s valid. For more information, reach us at [company’s contact address or number].


Does your company have a special event that your customers may be interested in? Does your event open an avenue to promote your sales? You can inform your customers of a special product or service offered in association with your event.


Drop by any [company name] near you on this [event] for a free [product or service] for [target audience]. Reach us on [company contact number and email address] for your voucher.

Operations Time Notification

When there’s a change in your operation time, due to any reason, it’s reasonable to make your customers aware.


Dear esteemed customer, [company name] wishes to inform you of a change in our operation time. You can now reach us from [opening time] to [closing time] through [communication channels]. Thanks!

Delivery Reminder

As a logistics company or online store, your customers should know where their products are.


Dear customer, your [product name] with [order ID number] is on its way to you. For more information, contact [logistics company name] on [phone number].

Delivery Notification

Once delivery is made, you should inform your customers.


Dear customer, your [product name] with [order ID number] has reached [destination]. Thank you for patronizing [company name].

Appointment Reminder

Your customers may forget they have an appointment with you. Remind them with an SMS.


Dear [customer’s name]. [Company] wishes to remind you of your [nature of appointment] slated for [date and time]. We hope to see you then.

Appointment Rescheduling

There’s a chance that the scheduled time for an appointment with your client isn’t possible anymore. You can inform them of a reschedule through an SMS.


Dear [customer’s name], [company’s name] regrets to inform you that your appointment with [company’s representative] by [appointment date and time] has become inconvenient. Reach us via [email or phone number] to reschedule for a more convenient time and date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Appointment Cancellation

In other cases, you have to cancel an appointment for some reason. Do so with an SMS for effective communication.


Dear [customer’s name], [company’s name] regrets to inform you that your appointment with [company’s representative] slated for [date and time] has been canceled. Reach us via [email or phone number] for more clarification.

Order Confirmation

When a customer purchases a product online, send them a confirmation of their order via SMS.


[Customer’s name], you have purchased [product name] from [company name] on [date and time of purchase]. Your order is in transit. Reach us on [company’s phone number].

Order Cancellation

When customers cancel an order, you should inform them that you’ve received their decision.


Dear [customer’s name], your order for [product] with [order ID number] has been canceled. We look forward to your patronage via [company’s product site].

Rating Requests

Feedback from your customers will sell you to other customers. Request for reviews and ratings via SMS.


Dear [customer’s name], we appreciate your business! You can show us how well you enjoyed [product or service] to help us serve you better, via [product review or rating link]. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Final Thought

SMS marketing is a more effective marketing route than email marketing, although they’re similar. You can engage and convert leads better with SMS marketing. Use any of the templates in this piece, and edit as appropriate, for your SMS marketing.

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