How To Grow A Newsletter With Text To Join

Oct 22, 2022

Starting and growing a newsletter can be daunting sometimes for business owners, especially for newbies in the SMS marketing industry.

To grow a newsletter with text to join, you can add text to join invitations on your website’s landing page and lead magnets, organize referral programs, use your existing email subscribers and use enter to win contests.

This article explains how you can grow a newsletter with text to join. As you read further, you will also see the steps to use text to join to increase your newsletter subscribers.


But before we dive in, let’s define some vital terms.

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is an online avenue through which businesses send relevant news, advice, and information about their services, brand, or product to their customer base or newsletter subscribers list.


Before customers get these notifications, they must sign up for the business’s newsletter list by submitting their contact details.


As a business owner or an individual, you can leverage newsletters and use them to communicate with your customers. Companies, for instance, use a texting service to curate newsletters to alert their customers about new product arrivals and upgrades.

What is Text to Join?

Text to subscribe or text to join is an avenue through which individuals and customers opt-in to a business’s marketing and educational newsletters with only one message sent via SMS text message. 


The new subscriber sends an SMS message keyword to the business’s number, after which the texting service that oversees the SMS marketing section of a business confirms the customer’s subscription.


For example, a customer can subscribe to a newsletter by sending a unique keyword like ‘JOIN.’ Then, the text will enter a phone number linked to a texting service that runs the business’s SMS subscription platform.


Afterward, the mass texting service provider will add the customer’s phone number to the SMS newsletter subscribers list.


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How to Add More Subscribers to a Newsletter’s List Using Text to Join

As a business owner, increasing the number of people on your newsletter subscription list can boost your business visibility and lead to more sales.


Here are some ways you can increase your newsletter list subscription:

Add Text to Join Newsletter Invitation on your Website

Including a click-to-text button on your website is an excellent technique to increase the number of subscribers on your newsletter list. With the button on your website, visitors will have a simple option to subscribe if they want.


When you activate it, your customers will only have to click on the button and provide a valid phone number through which you can send them a text asking them to opt-in.


Remember to specify your newsletter policy when asking website visitors to enroll in SMS newsletters. You must make it clear to them what they are signing up for. You must inform them of the number of messages they might be getting from you so they are made aware.


In addition, you should use a texting service to compose a “thank you for subscribing to my newsletter” text message to inform your subscribers that they can still reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Add CTAs for Newsletter Subscription on Landing Pages, Contact Forms, and Online Checkouts

Your sales can increase when you have a landing page that converts. Using a website form builder to include text to join newsletter reminders is another technique to entice website users to sign up for SMS newsletters.


You can even do this at the point of sale or with pop-ups on your website for business owners who sell goods and services online.


Just keep in mind to make it obvious what occurs when someone inputs their phone number on the list. Your customers must be aware that they are opting into receiving newsletters.

Organize a Referral Program

One of the easiest ways to expand clientele and increase visibility is through referrals and recommendations.


You can use a ‘refer-a-friend’ scheme and a ‘text to join’ offer to disseminate the news or ask your current contacts or customers to recommend people.

Use Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are exclusive incentives that you use to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter list. Lead magnets can be a great tool in increasing subscribership, a limited-time download, an audiobook, or even a promotional code.


Lead magnets are very effective because they will provide your customers immediate satisfaction and reward for taking action.

Utilize Your Existing List of Email Subscribers

If you already have an email subscriber list, you can utilize the list to encourage people to enroll in SMS newsletters. To boost the SMS newsletters sign-up, you can conduct campaigns or add a bonus to your emails.


Consider these incentives for promoting text newsletter sign-ups:


  • Quicker shipping status reports
  • Special offers accessible to only SMS newsletter subscribers
  • Offers and coupons for discounts
  • Leverage Freebies


One of the quickest methods to develop your SMS newsletter list is through widespread giveaways. Freebies can assist you in converting website traffic into loyal customers without running a paid ad.


Steps on How to Use Text to Join to Grow Newsletter’s List

One of the benefits of text to join is that it is not difficult to use; you don’t need special knowledge to use it. You only instruct your clients to “TEXT THIS CODE TO (123)-456-7890 TO SUBSCRIBE.”


Here are the steps to follow to use text to join to grow your newsletter’s list:

1. Customer sends your keyword to opt-in.

A customer will first message your keyword to your unique SMS number showing interest in your newsletter subscription.


For instance, your keyword is ‘BACKTOSCHOOL,’ and your unique code is 9020.

When a customer sends your keyword to your code, it shows that they are interested.

2. They get an automated reply confirmation.

As soon as the text enters your SMS texting service platform, the customer will get an automated reply, and the system will automatically add their phone number to your newsletter subscribers list.

3. Start sending the SMS newsletter right away.

Now that your newsletter subscription list is growing consistently, you can start sending offers, news, information, and relevant materials to your list.


In Summary

You’ve seen that growing a newsletter subscription list is not a difficult task. However, you can make the process easier with an automation tool like


Overall, use the tips, advice, and information presented in this article to convert your website visitors into newsletter subscribers. All the best! Mass Texting Service

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