7 Mass Text Messaging Templates For Schools 

Oct 15, 2022

Running a successful school system requires that you put much effort into automating communication so you can reach a large audience within a short time. Parents, teachers and students must get timely information on matters that directly affect them to enhance smooth operation. 


Although there are various channels that schools can use to reach their recipients, mass texting prevails above every other means. It enhances deep connection, engages recipients and even helps in saving costs. Even internal communication is made easy by using mass texting. 


There are different templates that you can choose from, all you have to do is edit the content to suit your peculiar situation. With mass text messaging, you can reach everyone regardless of their social status and calibre. Once you’ve chosen a template among the ones that will be listed, then you create a list of your recipients, and then you send the message. 


What Are The Different Ways Schools Can Use Mass Texts? 

There are various ways that mass texting can prove beneficial for schools. They include: 

School- Home Mass Texts 

You can use mass texts to reach your students and their parents while they’re at home. It helps you inform and engage them. This way, you don’t have to worry that your students have forgotten the vital tasks they’re supposed to execute while at home like assignments and projects. 


Sending out mass texts offers you the guarantee that the message will be read unlike emails because text messages have a 98% open rate. If you want to increase your attendance or submission rate for a given task, you can leverage SMS text messaging. 


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One-on-One Texting 

This type of texting allows you to engage students, parents and teachers in conversations. Since text messages have a quick response time, there’s a high chance that you’ll get their responses fast. You can leverage it for surveys, confirming attendance or registering complaints. Since text messages are accessible to all regardless of whether they use smartphones or not, you can guarantee a wider reach. 


Engagement is one of the features that make good schools. When parents, teachers or students can easily find channels to reach the administration, it promotes efficiency. It helps in building solid relationships and having solved problems quickly. 


Internal Messaging 

Imagine you’re trying to reach your teaching staff quickly to find a substitute for another sick teacher, you need an effective communication channel to solve such an issue. Most people keep their text notifications on, which accelerates the entire process. 


Calling every teacher to pass across the information will be a time-consuming and daunting task that might not quickly achieve the desired goal. Even using emails will not work effectively because most people don’t check their emails as often. But sending a mass text with options that they easily pick from, “Yes” or “No” will save time and energy. 


7 Mass Texting Templates For Schools 

Different types of text messages are sent in schools, majorly promotional and transactional messages. 


Promotional Messages 

This type of message is sent with the intent of advertising a particular service, course, event or service that the school is offering. It is a great way of keeping people informed, especially about the new developments that arise. They are used to indicate admissions, holidays, new classes, promote events and even indicate that results are out. Here are some templates you can use: 



  • Event Promotion

Hello (Name), this is Kim from Beverly High. Our theatre presentation is scheduled for 9th July 2022, 3 pm upwards. Click here to get your tickets (Link). 

  • Holidays 

Esteemed Parent, Beverly High will remain closed for one week due to the inclement weather. Operations will resume next week at the regular time. 


Warm Regards, 


  • Results 

Dear (Ward Name), the results are out! Visit the school website at beverlyhigh.edu/results to check your performance. Cheers. 


Transactional Messages 

This sort of message is used to send information quickly to trigger an action from the side of the recipient. You can easily automate transactional messages so the recipient can get them as when due. Mass text messaging is a convenient way to go about it because people read these messages and can easily respond to them through a quick process. They are also read quickly while they promote effective communication and interaction between the administration and their recipients. 



  • Reports

Esteemed Parent, (ward name) has missed classes consecutively for one week. Kindly meet with the school counsellor this Friday for a discussion. Reply YES to fix a time and date. 

  • Requests 

(Ward name), your seat on the field trip to Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation is confirmed. Pay $50 at the finance office before Sept 4th to secure a  spot. Thanks. 

  • Notices 

Dear Parent, the e-learning portal for grade 5 students has been upgraded. Kindly visit the school library to get the new details for your ward. Click on this calendar to set the date and time. 

  • Reminders 

Esteemed Parent, this is to remind you about the parent-teacher meeting scheduled for the 20th of September from 10 am to 11 am. Reply with “C” to confirm your attendance. 


Other Types of Messages 

Some other types of messages include attendance messages, fees messages include school fees, transport fees and registration fees. There are also emergency alerts that are sent during sudden weather changes, accidents or roadblocks. However, you can easily edit some of the templates above to suit your needs. 



  • Fees 

Dear parent, you have an outstanding balance of $500 for the current school year for (ward name). Kindly visit the school portal to make your payment before October 1st.

  • Alerts 

ALERT: Today’s thunderstorm has fallen trees causing roadblocks. Beverly Hills remains SHUT until tomorrow when the evacuation would have ended. Reply HELP if you need any aid. 


Final Thoughts 

Schools are essential to the growth of any society and they must function smoothly. One of the major ways that ensure the effective running of schools is when information is dispersed easily among the different actors in the sector. When parents, teachers and students have an avenue to communicate freely with the administration many problems will be solved. 


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